Finding Native American Cultural Sites in Tucson, Arizona

Learning About the Tohono O'odham, People of the Desert

Tohono O'odham Basket Display
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Tucson as a Cultural Tourism Destination

Finding the People of the Desert

Polka Music in the Desert?

Must-see Museums and Cultural Centers

Arizona State Museum at the University of Arizona

Tohono O’odham Nation Cultural Center and Museum

Saguaro Fruit Harvest Festival – July

Southwest Indian Art Fair – February

The Tohono Village in Tubac

More about the O'odham People

O'odham, means "the people," or “the desert people,” and you pronounce the name similar to "aw-thum." Two groups of O'odham live in Arizona. The Salt and Gila River communities near Phoenix are made up of Akimal O'odham (formerly Pima) and in southern Arizona the people are called Tohono O'odham (formerly Papago). It’s worth a journey to Southern Arizona to learn and experience more of the culture of these people.

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