Panda Toys, Books, and Gifts

The Pandas are one of the most popular attractions at the National Zoo in Washington DC. The black and white bears are especially cute and fun to visit. You can find a variety of panda toys, panda books, panda videos, panda gifts and more to remember and honor these remarkable creatures. Here is a selection of unique items.

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    Panda Stuffed Animals

    Panda Stuffed Animal
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    What's more cuddly that a Giant Panda stuffed animal? Here is a great selection of panda stuffed animals. They make great gifts for all ages.
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    Panda Puzzles

    Panda Puzzle
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    Enjoy piecing together a jigsaw puzzle of your favorite animal at the National Zoo, the Giant Panda. Choose from a variety of puzzles ranging from 60 to 1000 pieces.

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    Panda Blankets and Pillows

    Panda Blanket
    courtesy of Amazon
    Make napping extra cozy for yourself or your child with a panda bear blanket or pillow. Choose from a variety of patterns and styles.
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    Kung Fu Panda Video

    Kung Fu Panda
    courtesy of Amazon

    Starring Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman (Rate PG), the comedy features an unlikely martial arts master to become the Kung Fu Panda. Dreamworks Animation has produced three versions of the film.

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    Panda Hats

    Panda Hat
    courtesy of Amazon

    What an adorable fashion statement? Check out a variety of panda-style hats to keep you cozy warm and fashionable.


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    Save the Panda -Video

    Panda Video
    courtesy of Amazon
    The endangered giant panda lives high in the bamboo-forested mountain ranges of central China. Over time, their numbers have dwindled due to human encroachment and climatic changes. See how scientists track these rare creatures through nearly impenetrable bamboo in an effort to learn more about them to increase their chances of survival.
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    Panda Playing Cards

    Panda Cards
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    The Bicycle brand playing cards has pictures that are black and white (face cards have a little green for the plants) like the box art. Number cards have the number of bears that correspond with their card number, they are all in different poses for each different card.