Your RV Guide to the National Park US Road Trip

Want to visit just about all the National Parks? Here's how!

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America’s National Parks system is a favorite of RVers. The 48 individual parks are all packed with unique features and splendid sites, which always make for a fun RV adventure. There are several RVers who have a goal to see all 48 but some RV adventurers have taken this a step further with a wish to see all 48, in one road trip. It sounds crazy but it’s possible and known as the National Parks road trip.

Let’s look into this daunting but thrilling road trip including getting to know its creator, an overview of the best way to take the route and how you can adjust it, as well as a little info on the creator’s parent company, Isle Box. The National Parks road trip could be the epic road trip you’ve been waiting for.

Creation of the National Park Road Trip 

The original route was created by Randy Olsen as an epic road trip that took you through every lower 48 states in one continuous road trip. The trip included stops to several major landmarks, National Historic sites, National Parks and more, but did not include trips to all 48 National Parks.

That’s where Travis Tamez, co-founder of Isle Box and the rest of the Isle Box team came in. They took Olsen’s map and redesigned it to visit all 48 National Parks in the lower 48 states and they succeeded. This daunting road trip comes in at 15,758 miles but is along one continuous route so you won’t be doubling back on yourself or passing the same destinations.

Features of the National Park Road Trip

  • The route is 15,758 miles long
  • The route would take you over 11.5 days to drive through in optimal traffic conditions
  • You will have to use a ferry to reach three National Park destinations
  • The road trip does not include National Parks in Alaska or Hawaii

Making your Own National Park Road Trip

This would be a major road trip even for the most seasoned of RVers or National Parks explorers, but you can still use it without following the route. When developing the route, Isle Box also crafted an interactive map where you can play around with the routes and destinations to make the perfect road trip for yourself. You can also use the interactive map to craft direct routes to different destinations and you can also use the map to grab more information about potential National Park destinations.

About Isle Box

Isle Box is more than just epic and interactive National Park road trips. Isle Box is a group of outdoor enthusiasts who want to help out all ranges of other outdoor enthusiasts by crafting deliverable packages of outdoor equipment and goods to get you in the great outdoors. There are several different Isle Box types, from a Starter Box that includes essentials such as sleeping bag, bug repellant and a camping stove to seasonal boxes that cater to outdoor gear junkies. The boxes are crafted by outdoor enthusiasts for other outdoor enthusiasts to keep them well supplied with different types of trips.

Isle Box’s hope is that their boxes will get people outdoors more and empower other enthusiasts to take on challenges they never thought that they would try. Isle Box has been featured in Outside magazine for their unique and useful gearboxes.

RVers are always looking for the next great adventure to push them and their rides to the limits. If you need an end-all, be-all, road trip to show you plenty that the National Parks system has to offer, you should consider taking the National Parks road trip. At the least, you can use the interactive maps to create the perfect National Parks road trip for you.

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