RV Destination: National Mall and Memorial Parks

An RVers Profile of the National Mall and Memorial Parks

Kevin Voelker Photography/Moment/Getty Images

The United States has called Washington DC its national capital since 1800. To this day, the District of Columbia and the National Mall remain a popular tourist destination, drawing roughly 24 million visitors in 2014.

Let’s explore DC’s National Park known as the National Mall including some of the more popular sightseeing destinations as well as looking at places to stay in nearby Maryland and Virginia. This can all help you prepare for an RV trip to “America’s Front Yard.” 

5 Popular Sightseeing Destinations for RVers On the National Mall 

Smithsonian Institution 

The Smithsonian is known as America’s museum and is well represented in the National Mall. The National Museum of Natural History, National Air and Space Museum, and the National Museum of American History are just some of the Smithsonian Institution facilities found in the National Mall. Take your time exploring these museums chock full of American art, innovation and history. 
The United States Capitol

The United States Capitol houses the United States Congress and has been doing so since 1800 even through the burning of Washington DC. The Capitol is the epitome of democracy in action and should be a destination that every American should see once in their lifetime. 

Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool

The Lincoln Memorial and accompanying Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool has been home to many historic events including the Revered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic I Have a Dream speech. The Memorial has also been home to numerous protests, rallies and other significant American events. Stand under the shadow of the Great Emancipator and use the reflecting pool to reflect on famous Americans who came before you. 

Washington Monument 

This memorial to America’s first President, the Washington Monument, is the world’s tallest stone statue and tallest obelisk. Take a stroll around this iconic landmark and the accompanying grounds to take in the engineering phenomenon as well as reflect on our past, present and future leaders. 

National World War II Memorial 

World War II was not only a decisive conflict for the United States, but the world as a whole and its aftermath would lead to the US emerging as a world power. Take a moment at the World War II Memorial to read some of the names of the brave men who gave their lives during one of the largest conflicts the world has ever known. 

Where to Stay as an RVer in Washington DC

The Capitol itself is the not the most friendly to RVers. The city is too crowded for RV traffic and accompanying RV parks. However, there are a few great RV parks located in both Virginia and Maryland that have plenty of the proper RV accommodations. Here are some of our favorites. 

Cherry Hill Park: College Park, MD

This College Park RV park bills itself as the closest RV park and grounds to Washington DC and it has plenty of great features for RVers. You will get your typical creature comforts such as full utility hookups, clean and spacious bathrooms and showers as well as pools, laundry facilities, propane refills and more. 

Staying at Cherry Hill Park means you don’t have to take your rig through the crowded streets of DC as the park offers ample transportation right into the heart of DC and the National Mall. 

Aquia Pines Camp Resort: Stafford, VA

Aquia Pines Camp Resort is not as close to the National Mall as Cherry Hill Park is but this camp offers a more relaxed environment as well as proximity to several historic Civil War battle sites. 

Aquia Pines has all the accommodations and features you need in an RV park including full utility hookups, clean restrooms and showers, laundry facilities, group pavilions, playgrounds, pools and plenty more. If you want to get to the National Mall but like to take your time doing so, we recommend Aquia Pines Camp Resort. 

Touring Washington DC and the National Mall is a pilgrimage that every American should take once in their lifetime.