National Crime and Punishment Museum in Washington, DC

Learn About the History of Crime, Law Enforcement, Forensic Science and More

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The Crime Museum closed on September 30, 2015.

The Crime Museum in Washington, DC, officially named the National Museum of Crime & Punishment, opened its doors in May 2008. The museum explores the history of crime, law enforcement, forensic science, crime scene investigation (CSI) and the consequences of committing a crime. Co-owned and operated by Orlando businessman John Morgan in partnership with John Walsh, host of America's Most Wanted, the National Museum of Crime & Punishment provides guests of all ages with a memorable insight into the issues of crime and crime fighting through a captivating interactive, entertaining and educational experience.<br/>
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Counterfeit Crimes: Are You Part of the Black Market? This high tech new permanent gallery delves into an industry that people don’t often think of as criminal, and explores the harms associated with supporting the counterfeit trade. How much is that knockoff handbag on Canal Street really worth to you? A variety of counterfeit items are among the artifacts in the gallery including, Coach purses, wallets and sunglasses, Gibson guitars, Beats headphones, Timberland clothing and footwear and more. The new gallery replaces the former America’s Most Wanted Studio on the museum’s lower level.  

Highlights of the Crime Museum

  • A Notorious History of American Crime - A sequence of themed galleries highlight the criminal heritage of America from the Colonial period to the present day. Galleries focus on major criminal masterminds of a particular era, highlight specific crime types comparing their casts of characters and portray the most infamous crimes solved and sometimes unsolved.
    Notorious Criminals: Legendary pirates, the mob, Wild West outlaws, and serial killers.
  • Punishment – The Consequence of Crime - This interactive experience focuses on the events of an arrest, booking, questioning, prosecution, and incarceration.
    Authentic Artifacts: Auxiliary, electric chair, gas chamber, prison art, and jail cells.
  • Crime Fighting - In this gallery visitors experience firsthand the skills needed to fight crime and capture the bad guy. The exhibit explores which branches of law enforcement become involved with a crime and the various roles they have.
    FBI Agent Training: Practice your aim in a simulated FBI shooting range.
    High Speed Police Simulator: Drive in a police academy training pursuit.
  • Crime Solving – The Technology of Crime Fighting - Utilizing the fascinating art and science of modern-day crime solving, the museum is a living and evolving system for the continued development of investigation and crime solving techniques. Visitors will witness a simulated crime in progress and apply forensic science such as DNA testing, fingerprint and footprint analysis, and dental identification to solve the crime.
    CSI Lab: Enter a crime scene and interact to solve the case in a real crime scene lab.


575 7th Street NW
Washington, DC
(202) 393-1099
The museum is located between E and F Streets.
The closest Metro station is Gallery Place/Chinatown.
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General admission ticket prices range from $14.95 to $21.95.


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