Photo Guide to the National Cathedral, Washington, DC

Aerial photograph of National Cathedral
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    National Cathedral Front View

    National Cathedral Front View
    Rachel Cooper

    The National Cathedral, with its gothic style architecture, is an impressive structure that sits at the highest point in Washington, DC. It is a popular tourist destination and an interesting place to explore. Public tours are available daily. The Cathedral is non-denominational and has long served as a spiritual center where Americans unite to worship and pray, mourn the passing of world leaders, and confront moral and social issues.

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    Inside the National Cathedral

    Inside the Cathedral
    Washington National Cathedral

    The official name of Washington National Cathedral is the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. In this photo, children proceed down the aisle during a prayer service.

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    Stained Glass

    Close-up of a stained glass window, National Cathedral, Washington DC, USA
    Medioimages/Photodisc/Getty Images

    The Cathedral was built in 1907. The principal exterior building material is Indiana limestone. The interior has many unique features, among which are beautiful stained glass windows.

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    Bishops Garden Gate

    Bishops Garden Gate
    Rachel Cooper

    This is the entrance to the Bishops Garden, one of the gardens on the grounds of the National Cathedral.

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    Bishops Garden

    Bishops Garden
    Rachel Cooper

    Bishops Garden is beautifully maintained and features a wide variety of flowers and plants.

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    Gazebo at Bishops Garden

    Gazebo at Bishops Garden
    Rachel Cooper

    A gazebo is a gathering place at Bishops Garden, on the grounds of the National Cathedral.

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    Flowers and Shrubs

    Flowers and Shrubs at Bishops garden
    Rachel Cooper

    The gardens at the National Cathedral are a beautiful place to explore.

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    Grounds of the National Cathedral

    Grounds of the National Cathedral
    Rachel Cooper

    Visitors are free to explore the beautiful grounds of the Cathedral.

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    National Cathedral at Night

    Washington National Cathedral at Night
    Edward H. Pien/Getty Images

    The National Cathedral is beautiful at night when it is illuminated.