Natchez, Mississippi - Mileage and Estimated Driving Times

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    Driving to Natchez, Mississippi

    Situated on high scenic bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River in southwestern Mississippi, Natchez is approximately 90 miles north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and 70 miles south of Vicksburg, Mississippi. Several major routes lead to Natchez, including U.S. Route 61, U.S. Route 84, U.S. Route 65, U.S. Route 98, Mississippi Highway 554 and Mississippi Highway 555. In addition, Natchez is the southern terminus of the historic Natchez Trace Parkway and one of historic river cities located along the scenic Great River Road.

    Home to over 1,000 historic buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Natchez is a favorite destination for visitors with an interest in exploring Southern history, architecture, and traditions. The Natchez Spring Pilgrimage, held in March and April each year, is a time-honored tradition and an especially popular time to visit.

    If you are planning to drive to Natchez, Mississippi, this chart of approximate mileage and estimated driving time between...MORE Natchez and several U.S. cities will help you with your travel planning. For a list version of this information see the next page.

    Please note that the mileage figures are approximate and driving times are estimated. Please use this listing as a guide only as the estimates do not account for traffic delays, detours or other unexpected travel delays.

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    Driving to Natchez, Mississippi - Alternate Text Version

    Driving to Natchez, Mississippi From:

    At a Glance - For a chart of this information: See Page 1

    • Atlanta, Georgia
      Straight Mileage: 436 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 494 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 7 hours and 50 minutes
    • Charleston, West Virginia
      Straight Mileage: 725 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 915 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 14 hours and 10 minutes
    • Chicago, Illinois
      Straight Mileage: 743 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 857 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 13 hours and 35 minutes
    • Columbia, South Carolina
      Straight Mileage: 626 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 707 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 11 hours and 10 minutes
    • Columbus, Ohio
      Straight Mileage: 747 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 907 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 14 hours and 15 minutes
    • Dallas, Texas
      Straight Mileage: 326 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 377 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 6 hours and 10 minutes
    • Indianapolis, Indiana
      Straight Mileage: 639 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 788 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 12 hours...MORE and 20 minutes
    • Louisville, Kentucky
      Straight Mileage: 571 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 703 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 11 hours
    • Memphis, Tennessee
      Straight Mileage: 271 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 325 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 5 hours and 10 minute
    • Miami, Florida
      Straight Mileage: 780 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 1002 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 15 hours and 25 minutes
    • Nashville, Tennessee
      Straight Mileage: 406 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 531 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 8 hours and 20 minutes
    • New York, New York
      Straight Mileage: 1155 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 1313 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 20 hours and 45 minutes
    • Orlando, Florida
      Straight Mileage: 634 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 774 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 11 hours and 50 minutes
    • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
      Straight Mileage: 884 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 1100 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 17 hours and 15 minutes
    • Raleigh, North Carolina
      Straight Mileage: 792 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 930 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 14 hours and 40 minutes
    • Richmond, Virginia
      Straight Mileage: 896 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 1042 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 16 hours and 10 minutes
    • St. Louis, Missouri
      Straight Mileage: 493 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 606 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 9 hours and 25 minutes
    • Washington, DC
      Straight Mileage: 955 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 1094 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 17 hours

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