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Find out how to get a Nassau County Leisure Pass

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The Nassau County Leisure Pass is required for entry into a variety of recreational facilities in the county. In addition, the Leisure Pass entitles holders to discounts of places like golf courses, tennis courts, pools, skating rinks, beaches, marinas and other venues operated by the Nassau County Department of Parks, Recreation and Museums.

Residents 13 years and older may apply for these passes with proof of Nassau County residency. In addition, children, regardless of age, must have a Leisure Pass to use Nassau County-operated golf courses.

There are specially marked Nassau County Leisure Passes which are offered to veterans, senior citizens and to those with chronic physical or mental disabilities. Medical documentation is required before these can be issued to the disabled. Note that a senior citizen Leisure Pass will be valid as long as the person resides in Nassau County, and they must submit proof of age when applying. This is for residents 60 years of age and older. Please also note that if you are a veteran or disabled, your pass must be revalidated every three years and there will be a fee applied. For all other passes, these will remain valid for three years from the starting date.

You may bring your current, valid New York State driver's license as proof of residency. Or you may bring two of the following:

  • A recent property tax bill
  • A recent utility bill
  • A recent, canceled rent check with your address on it
  • A deed
  • For children: a current school ID

There are a number of application centers where you can go for your Leisure Pass. Please remember to call ahead to make sure there are passes available. These centers are:

  • Bay Park Golf
  • Cantiague Park
  • Christopher Morley Park
  • Eisenhower Park
  • Grant Park
  • Nassau County Rifle and Pistol Range
  • Nickerson Beach Park
  • North Woodmere Park
  • Wantagh Park

For current prices and more information, please go to the Nassau County website.
Source: Nassau County Department of Parks, Recreation & Museums website

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