Traffic in Nashville, Tennessee


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Whether you are visiting Nashville or you already live here, you will find that Nashville Traffic can be horrific, especially during Rush Hour.

Nashville traffic is legendary; Robert Altman's classic drama Nashville opens the film with a legendary Nashville Traffic Jam, The musical group "The Bellyachers" even has a road song called "We Blamed Nashville" and there is even a musical group called Traffic Jam that Features three female singers from Nashville. Now that's Legendary! These legendary traffic problems are directly linked to Nashville's Demographics and Local Driving Styles.

How to Avoid Nashville Traffic 

There are three major Interstates merging to a point at the Cumberland River, in the downtown area. One accident can instantly gridlock over 30% of the commuters and three accidents can gridlock the entire city within a matter of minutes.

While there's nothing that can be done about the demographics, the various driving styles of our locals are a major contributor to Nashville's Interstate congestion and leave a lot to be desired.

Now, let's go over some tips and rules of survival. By using a few of these tips it will make your commute easier and definitely less stressful.

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