Five Point Grade Scale at Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

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Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools announced that they're using a new 5-Point Weighted Grading Scale for high schools.

Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools stated the reasoning behind the change to a Five-point scale would be to better promote academic rigor, and reward students who choose it.

“Tougher high school courses better prepare students for college so Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools is changing its high school GPA calculations to encourage and reward students who choose academic rigor.

The district converted to a 5-point Grade Point Average (GPA) in 2012-13. This change took place over a two-year period beginning with students in grades 9, 10 and 11. The students in grade 12 will be included.​

"The weighted GPA will encourage students to enroll in advanced, rigorous courses of study,” said Jesse Register, director of schools. "We want all our students to graduate prepared for college and career. This change is another step in cultivating a strong college-going culture in our district."

Under the new policy, students will receive an additional 1 point weight for Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses. Students will receive a 0.5 weight for dual enrollment and honors courses. This will reward students who enroll in more rigorous college-prep courses.

5-point Grade Point Average Scale

A 93-100

  • 4.0 - Unweighted Regular
  • 4.5 - Weighted Honors & Dual Enrollment
  • 5.0 - Weighted Advanced Placement & International Baccalaureate

B 85-92

  • 3.0 - Unweighted Regular
  • 3.5 - Weighted Honors & Dual Enrollment
  • 4.0 - Weighted Advanced Placement & International Baccalaureate

C 75-84

  • 2.0 - Unweighted Regular
  • 2.5 - Weighted Honors & Dual Enrollment
  • 3.0 - Weighted Advanced Placement & International Baccalaureate

D 70-74

  • 1.0 - Unweighted Regular
  • 1.5 - Weighted Honors & Dual Enrollment
  • 2.0 - Weighted Advanced Placement & International Baccalaureate

F 0-69

  • 0 - Unweighted Regular
  • 0 - Weighted Honors & Dual Enrollment
  • 0 - Weighted Advanced Placement & International Baccalaureate

Research and Reasoning

A 5-point GPA will shape future valedictorian and salutatorian selections and honor student designations. Two GPAs will be recorded on student transcripts, a weighted 5-point GPA, and an unweighted 4-point GPA. Many universities request both weighted and unweighted GPAs on student transcripts and want school districts to encourage students to take more advanced courses.

Research from the College Board, which administers the SAT, shows rigorous high school classes improve student performance on college entrance exams and college success.​

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