Tickle Your Funnybone With the Nash Trash Tour

Tickle Your Funnybone with Sheri Lynn and Brenda Kay

Nashville Nash Trash Tour

How do you describe the Juggs? No, not the Judds, the Juggs. They are two sassy sisters who know all the dirt around Music City, USA. These two sisters, Sheri Lynn and Brenda Kay look like they just stepped out of a trailer park, and have no problem sharing their gossip with anyone who takes a tour on their wild pink school bus.

The tour starts out at the Farmer's Market downtown and right away they start off with the Bicentennial Mall, but make no mistake, they are not happy about the fact they were misled. "It ain't no real mall," they insisted, "There ain't no JC Penney."

After the mall, which by the way is actually a park, they take you through downtown Nashville, and trust me; you pay more attention to them than anything else in Nashville.

Refreshments and Souvenirs

As your riding they make you feel right at home with some "whorederves" which are homemade and they insist everyone taste their food. It was homemade crackers straight from a box with cheese whiz! These two crazy sisters show you some true backwoods humor, which is more like an "R" rated rendition of Hee Haw.

Eventually, there is a break, and you stop at the Country Music Hall Of Fame. It is about fifteen minutes and they let everyone have a chance at the bar inside the Hall, and will even let you bring drinks back on the bus. During this tour you are also entertained by some rather humorous singing or ear piercing singing, not sure which. Also during your tour, you will be offered things to buy from their luxurious gift shop, which consisted of a couple cabinets and tote bins.

The Juggs' Claims to Fame

These girls know class and show that when yelling out the windows as you are passing celebrities, or rather people who they say are celebrities. This is a very laid back tour, and you will laugh from beginning to end.

Nashtrash has been featured in many articles and has even been featured by Al Roker on the Today's Show. Numerous stars have taken the tour as well, like Jeannie Seely, the Nashville Star group, and even Reba McEntire rented the tour for her staff to take.

If you are planning a trip to Nashville, take the chance and go on Nashtrash. It's a Hoot and just about guaranteed to tickle your funny bone!

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