Nancy Levenson

Nancy Levenson has been an enthusiastic resident of Portland, Oregon for more than 12 years.


She has lived all over the city, from the Hawthorne neighborhood to North Portland. Her passions include exploring local restaurants, parks, art and shopping. Nancy is a full-time writer with expertise in travel, entertainment, shopping and living in the Northwest. Her work has appeared on and in travel books such as Best Places Portland and Best Places to Kiss in the Northwest. Her magazine credits include Northwest Home and Garden Magazine, Cottage Living magazine, and Portland Monthly Magazine.

Nancy Levenson

Portland is a hub of wonderful things: unbridled creativity, amazing cuisine, progressive politics, cutting-edge music, natural beauty, educated people, healthy living … it's a dream city. With so much to explore, I am here to guide you around the best of Portland, whether you are just visiting or you have lived here all your life. Please feel free to contact me at if you have comments, questions or suggestions.

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