Myrtle Beach Road Trip: Mileage and Estimated Driving Times

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    Driving to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

    Cherry Grove Pier, North Myrtle Beach
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    There's loads to love about Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: 60 miles of spectacular sandy beaches, golf galore at 100 courses, and seafood to die for. And it's a relatively affordable beach vacation, especially if you're driving. It's within doable road trip distance from quite a few cities across the United States beyond the Southeast.

    If you are planning to drive to Myrtle Beach, this listing of approximate mileage and estimated driving time between Myrtle Beach and U.S. cities will help you with your travel planning.

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    Atlanta Skyline
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    Cities in the Southeast are within easy driving distance to Myrtle Beach, especially those in the Carolinas.

    • Atlanta
      Straight Mileage: 313 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 360 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 6 hours
    • Columbia, South Carolina
      Straight Mileage: 122 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 150 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 2 hours and 45 minutes
    • Raleigh, North Carolina
      Straight Mileage: 149 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 195 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 3 hours and 20 minutes
    • Richmond, Virginia
      Straight Mileage: 281 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 340 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 5 hours and 40 minutes
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    Nashville Waterfront at Night, Tennessee, USA
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    Cities in the Mid-South, like Louisville, Memphis, and Nashville, are quite a bit farther away and likely mean a long one-day or two-short-days road trip. 

    • Charleston, West Virginia
      Straight Mileage: 358 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 440 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 8 hours
    • Louisville, Kentucky
      Straight Mileage: 494 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 650 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 10 hours and 40 minutes
    • Memphis, Tennessee
      Straight Mileage: 632 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 745 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 12 hours and 5 minutes
    • Nashville, Tennessee
      Straight Mileage: 476 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 585 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 9 hours and 35 minutes
    • Washington
      Straight Mileage: 377 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 450 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 7 hours and 25 minutes
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    Skyline of Chicago, Illinois, Birthplace of the Skyscraper
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    Residents of the landlocked Midwest yearn for the beach and ocean waves, and no matter which coast they choose, it's a long drive. Driving from most cities in the Midwest means a solid two-day trip behind the wheel. Pack the car and enjoy the scenery.

    • Chicago
      Straight Mileage: 740 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 945 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 15 hours and 15 minutes
    • Columbus, Ohio
      Straight Mileage: 490 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 600 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 10 hours and 35 minutes
    • Indianapolis
      Straight Mileage: 581 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 765 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 12 hours and 20 minutes
    • St. Louis
      Straight Mileage: 715 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 890 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 14 hours and 15 minutes
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    Manhattan skyline on a sunny day Empire State Building on the right, New York, United States
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    Northeasterners have plenty of beaches nearby, but in the wintertime, they are not appealing. If they are jonesing for some sun and surf in February, Myrtle Beach is a long one-day drive away. If you don't like driving more than eight hours in one stretch, you can make it a leisurely two-day trip.

    • New York
      Straight Mileage: 558 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 685 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 11 hours and 20 minutes
    • Pittsburgh
      Straight Mileage: 473 miles
      Approximate Driving Mileage: 625 miles
      Estimated Driving Time: 10 hours and 45 minutes