What Are Disney's MyMagic+, FastPass+, and My Disney Experience?

Decoding and Defining the Elements of Disney World's Trip Planning Program

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In 2014, Walt Disney World fully rolled out its ambitious trip planning program that allows guests to make advance reservations for rides before they even step foot in the parks as well as do all kinds of other amazing things. It has a lot of features and can be a wonderful resource, but it can also be a bit confusing.

Part of the confusion stems from the many similar-sounding names Disney uses for different elements of the program. Have you heard the terms, "MyMagic+," "FastPass+," and "My Disney Experience," and wondered what they all meant? Wonder no more! Let's break those and other terms down so you can better understand how to use the program and take full advantage of it when you plan your next Disney World visit.

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    MyMagic+ is the umbrella term that Disney uses to refer to its trip planning program. All of the elements listed below, including FastPass+ and My Disney Experience, are parts of MyMagic+.

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    At Disney World, FastPass+ replaces FastPass, the ride reservation and line-skipping program. As with the original program, guests can book times for the most popular attractions at the parks. Unlike the original program, however, FastPass+ offers all kinds of additional features, such as the ability to make reservations up to 60 days in advance of your visit and the option to make changes to your reservations using Disney's mobile app or Website.

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    What is My Disney Experience?

    ••• All of the planning for MyMagic+ is done using the My Disney Experience Website and mobile app. Disney

    Disney calls the Website and app at which MyMagic+ plans are made, "My Disney Experience." In order to use MyMagic+ and pre-plan a Disney World visit, guests need to create an account and register their park passes. This is done at the MyDisneyExperience.com Website or by downloading the My Disney Experience mobile app for Apple and Android devices. (Guests who don't have mobile phones and/or have not done any pre-visit planning can use the MyMagic+ kiosks at the parks to make day-of FastPass+ reservations.)

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    What are MagicBands?

    ••• Personalized MagicBands store all MyMagic+ info. © Arthur Levine.

    All of the FastPass+ reservations that guests make and other info that they enter on the My Disney Experience Website or app is stored on RFID chips embedded in wearable MagicBand bracelets. By placing the bracelets on Mickey-shaped readers, guests can use them as tickets to enter the parks, as FastPasses to board rides, as keys to open the doors of their on-property hotel rooms, and as virtual cash to make purchases throughout the resort.

    MagicBands are complimentary for guests staying at Disney World hotels. Guests not staying on property can purchase MagicBands in the parks, but they are optional. While they are less convenient, standard park tickets also have RFID chips embedded in them and can be used in place of MagicBands.

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    What is Disney's Memory Maker Program?

    Disney PhotoPass Memory Maker
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    You know all of those Disney World photographers parked in front of Cinderella's Castle or other iconic locations in the parks as well as at every character greeting spot? You can view the photos they take and make a la carte purchases of the images using Disney's PhotoPass program. Or, you could sign up for the Memory Maker program and get access to all of the photos.

    Part of MyMagic+, guests who purchase Memory Maker can take as many photos with Disney's photographers as they wish during their visit to the resort and are able to download all of them, as well as any on-ride photos. If you buy the program in advance of your visit, Disney offers a discount.