Must Have Gear for Every Adventure Traveler

Zomba Plateau, Malawi
Hiking across the Zomba Plateau in Malawi.

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Every traveler needs to bring the right gear with them when they set out on a trip, but that is doubly important for the adventure traveler. Our journeys often take us into remote and wild places where not having the right equipment can have a direct impact on our experience. Whether you're trekking in the Himalaya, rafting the Grand Canyon, or backpacking in the Alps, the proper gear can make all of the difference.

With that in mind, here are some must have items that every adventure traveler should have in his or her closet.

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Outdoor Research Refuge Hybrid Jacket

Outdoor Research Refuge Jacket

Outdoor Research

Staying warm and dry are two important aspects of enjoying any outdoor excursion, and Outdoor Research makes that much easier with its Refuge Hybrid Jacket. Made from weather-resistant fabrics that still offer a full range of motion, the Refuge is perfect for hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, or just about anything else you want to do outside. Best of all, the jacket weighs just 12.3 ounces and is extremely packable, making it a very versatile piece of apparel to take with you on everything from weekend escapes to extended adventures to far-flung corners of the globe.

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Mountain Khakis Travel Pants

Mountain Khakis travel pants

Mountain Khakis 

The clothes we wear while traveling need to be comfortable, versatile, and look good too. It doesn't hurt if they can perform just as well on the trail as they do in an urban setting as well. That's exactly what you get from Mountain Khakis, which offers a diverse line of clothing, but especially some of the best pants ever made for adventure and travel. Take for example the Alpine Utility Pant, which come with double-layered knees and seat panels, hidden pockets, and a rugged construction that makes them perfect for wearing just about anywhere. Prices vary depending on which model you choose, but they're all designed with outdoor adventurers, explorers, and travelers in mind, making the entire Mountain Khakis line-up the perfect travel companion.

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Marmot Minimalist Rain Jacket

Marmot Minimalist Jacket


A rain jacket is another must-have piece of apparel for any adventure traveler, and Marmot now offers one of the best in aptly named Minimalist model. Tipping the scales at just 14.9 ounces, this jacket isn't going to take up much room or add much weight to your bag. Don't let its svelte size fool you however, as the Minimalist features Gore-Tex fabrics designed to keep wind and rain at bay. Pair it with a warm insulating layer underneath and you'll be all set to take on the elements no matter where your travels take you.

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BioLite HeadLamp 330

BioLite HeadLamp 330


Whether you're hiking a dark trail or just trying to find your way around a hostel room, a headlamp is one of the most useful products that any traveler can carry with them. Compact and lightweight, these portable sources of illumination are brighter, more efficient, and more versatile than ever before. Take the HeadLamp 330 from BioLite for instance. Not only does it offer 330 lumens of light on its brightest setting, it also features three different lighting modes, a rechargeable battery that can offer up to 40 hours of burn time, and a moisture-wicking strap that is comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time. Best of all, it weighs just 2.4 ounces and comes in four different colors.

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LifeSaver Liberty Water Bottle

LifeSaver Liberty Bottle

Icon LifeSaver 

One of the biggest challenges that any traveler faces is finding clean drinking water when visiting another country. This can be especially challenging for adventure travelers, who often find themselves in remote places where bottled water is not an option. Thankfully, the LifeSaver Liberty bottle eliminates this challenge altogether by filtering more than 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria, and cysts from any water source, making it much easier to stay healthy and hydrated no matter where you go. The process is simple, quick, and efficient, with the bottle capable of producing up to 2000 liters of clean water before requiring a filter replacement.

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Eagle Creek National Geographic Utility Backpack 40L

Eagle Creek National Geographic backpack

Eagle Creek

Adventure travelers like to move fast and light, and the National Geographic Utility Backpack from Eagle Creek can help them accomplish that goal. With 40-liters of carrying capacity the pack provides plenty of space for long weekend getaways or even extended travel for the minimalist adventurer. The exterior of the backpack is made from weather-resistant fabrics, while the interior is nicely padded for carrying not only clothing and extra layers, but a laptop, tablet, cameras, and other equipment as well. Best of all, the Utility pack has the ability to fold open at the center, providing full access to its contents at any time. Throw in hidden pockets for stowing a phone or passport and you have a fantastic travel companion that is perfect in size and weight.

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Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Freedom Watch

Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Watch


A good watch is a must-have for any frequent traveler, but it gets bonus points for having the ability to automatically adjust its time based on the location you're visiting. That's exactly what you get from the Satellite Wave GPS from Citizen. This watch not only keeps track of world time in 40 different time zones, it can connect to GPS satellites in as little as three seconds, adjusting its hands automatically as needed. The timepiece even uses solar energy to keep itself operating, which means you'll never have to swap out its batteries as long as you own it. Add it classic good looks, rugged construction, and a comfortable band and you end up with a watch that was built from the ground up with the adventure traveler in mind.

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Somewear Satellite Global Hotspot

Somewear Global Hotspot

Somewear Labs 

Staying in touch from pretty much anywhere on the planet is a lot easier these days thanks in part to the Somewear Satellite Global Hotspot. This gadget connects to your smartphone or tablet and allows you to send text messages, even when you're traveling off the grid in remote places. The device provides the ability for friends and family to track your travels online and it even offers downloadable weather forecasts based on your current location. A built-in "SOS" button gives adventurers the ability to call for back-up or a rescue should they find themselves in trouble too, making this an indispensable tool that just might save your life. Note: A subscription service is required with the Somewear device.

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RavPower USB-C PD Portable Power Bank ($80)

RavPower USB-C PD battery pack


No matter where we travel today, we usually go with a host of gadgets and mobile devices in tow. Keeping those items charged and functioning can be a major challenge, which is where a portable USB battery pack comes in handy. RavPower's USB-C PD model which comes with 26,800 mAh of power — the most allowed as a carry-on item on a plane. it also features three USB charging ports, including a USB-C power-delivery port for charging larger devices, including tablets and even laptops. Its case is durable and rugged to help it survive the rigors of travel and a useful battery-indicator light keeps users informed of the current charge level at all times.

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TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

TaoTronics noise cancelling wireless headphones


Long flights and bus rides are made a little easier with a pair of noise cancelling headphones to help provide a bit of solitude and silence. Thankfully, travelers no longer have to pay an arm and a leg for headphones that offer this handy feature. TaoTronics offers a range of lightweight, affordable, and great sounding options that won't break the bank either. With 30+ hour battery life, the ability to take phone calls, and built in music controls, these headphones can pretty much do it all. And even though they are completely wireless, they also come with an audio cable for plugging directly into your mobile device or the entertainment system aboard an aircraft.