Museum Erotica in Copenhagen, Denmark

A one-of-a-kind sex museum.

Museum Erotica in Copenhagen
Museum Erotica

About Museum Erotica in Copenhagen:

Copenhagen's Museum Erotica was open from May 1994 until 2009, and attracted a million guests of all ages. This erotic exhibition was highly popular among women, too. 50 per cent of visitors were female. The sex-wave started in Denmark with the legalization of pornography in the late 1960s. Incidentally, Denmark today is one of the top destinations for nudists (see Nudism in Denmark).

What Museum Erotica Offers:

This sex museum offered a very popular selection of art without inhibitions. In the center of Copenhagen, you could view erotic paintings, sculptures, take a look at French postcards, photos, risqué magazines, films and even sex toys! For many visitors, learning more about the sex-lives of famous people (e.g. Onassis) was a big attraction as well.

Younger folks were offered sex education and information in a very tasteful manner.

Location & Opening Hours of Museum Erotica:

Museum Erotica was located at Købmagergade 24, just off Strøget, Copenhagen's popular pedestrian shopping street. This sex museum was open daily May 1 - September 30 from 10 am to 11 pm and October 1 - April 1 from 11 am to 8 pm. Admission was 59.-- Danish Kroner.

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