How to Get to Murcia from Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga

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Murcia is a city in the south east of Spain. Though it is landlocked, it is close to many beach destinations and can be a good starting point for your trip to southern and south-eastern Spain, particularly if you can get a cheap flight to Murcia Airport.

Flights to Murcia

Murcia has an international airport with flights from all over Spain and the rest of Europe, though many of them are seasonal. There are no flights from Malaga to Murcia.

Transport to and from Murcia Airport

Public transport to and from the airport is limited, with just three buses per day in each direction to Murcia city center and no connections to other cities in the region. If there is no bus that coincides with your arrival, you are best off taking a taxi to the city center. A taxi should cost between 30 and 40 euros.

How to Get from Madrid to Murcia by Train and Bus

There are three or four trains per day to Murcia from Madrid (and in the other direction too). Trains usually cost around 45 euros, departing from Atocha train station.

There are regular buses throughout the day between Madrid and Murcia. The bus takes about between four-and-a-half and six-and-a-half and costs about 30 or 40 euros.

Buses from Madrid to Murcia depart from Mendez Alvaro bus station. Read more about Bus and Train Stations in Madrid

Madrid to Murcia by Car (with Suggested Stops en Route)

The 400km journey from Madrid to Murcia takes about four hours. The drive is not particularly interesting - an alternative but longer route involves going via Cuenca, which adds a little over an hour to your journey time, but which is is well worth a visit. You could then also add in Valencia, but this would add a further 90 minutes to your travel time.

Malaga to Murcia by Bus, Train and Car

Buses from Malaga to Murcia cost about 30 euros and takes about 6 hours. There are a few services (run by Eurolines) that cost a little more but are no faster.

There are no direct trains from Malaga to Murcia.

The 400km drive from Malaga to Murcia takes about four hours, traveling on the A-92 and A-7. Consider a stop in Granada to break up your journey.

Barcelona to Murcia by Train, Bus and Car

The train from Murcia to Barcelona takes about seven hours and costs about 60 euros.

Trains from Barcelona to Murcia depart from Barcelona Sants station. Read more about Bus and Train Stations in Barcelona

Buses from Barcelona to Murcia cost about 50 euros and take about nine hours. The bus from Barcelona to Murcia departs from both Barcelona Nord and Sants stations.

The 600km drive from Barcelona to Murcia takes about six hours, traveling mainly on the AP-7 road. Note - AP roads are toll roads.

Stops en Route from Barcelona to Murcia

Whether you travel by train, bus or by car, there are plenty of stops on the way worth considering, with Valencia the most obvious choice. 

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