Our 8 Favorite Rainy Day Activities in Munich

The Residenz in Munich
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Don’t let a rainy day ruin your Munich visit – there is a lot to do in the Bavarian capital, even if it is grey and wet outside. Here are the best family-friendly ideas on how to make the most of your time in Munich, rain or shine.

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Deutsches Museum

Exhibitions in the Deutsche museum

Chira Chirakijja / TripSavvy

Museumsinsel 1, 80538 München, Germany
Phone +49 89 2179333

Stay dry in one of Munich’s most fascinating museums – even kids will love to spend a rainy day here! The German Museum is one of the oldest and largest science and technology museums in the world and boasts an impressive collection of historic artifacts. You can see the first electric dynamo, the first automobile, and the laboratory bench where the atom was first split. Whoa.

Other highlights of the museum include exhibitions on astronomy, transportation, mining, printing, and photography, and there is a whole floor dedicated to curious kids.

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Bavaria Filmstadt

Inside a film set in Bavaria Filmstadt

Chira Chirakijja / TripSavvy

Bavariafilmpl. 7, 82031 Grünwald, Germany
Phone +49 89 64992000

If you love movies, head to the Bavaria Film Studios - Munich’s answer to Hollywood. Most of the attractions are inside and help you avoid the raindrops. The elements that are outside are worth getting a little wet for.

In Europe’s largest filmmaking center, your kids can take a ride on the dragon from "The Never-Ending Story" and adults can experience history by exploring the submarine from "Das Boot". There are also stunt show, which includes fistfights, fire, falls, and a 92-feet deep plunge. Guided tours of the studio sets are available in English (daily, 1 p.m., 90 minutes).

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Indoor Swimming Pool

Müllersches Volksbad in Munich
Jorge Royan / Wikimedia Commons
Rosenheimer Str. 1, 81667 München, Germany
Phone +49 89 23615050

The sun doesn't have to be shining to enjoy a dip in the pool. The Müller'sches Volksbad is one of the most opulent indoor swimming pools in Germany. Set on the banks of the Isar River, it opened its doors in 1901 and was the largest and most expensive swimming pool in the world. Its rich Art Nouveau architecture has been preserved and the murals, bronze sculptures, marble columns, and stucco ceilings are a unique setting for swimming your laps. There is also a Finnish sauna with changing lights, a Roman steam bath, tanning studios, and a cafe.

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Exterior of Neue Pinakothek

TripSavvy / Faye Strassle

80333 Munich, Germany

West of Munich's premiere park, the English Garden, is a unique ensemble of three museums, each of them highlighting a different period in European art.

The Alte Pinakothek is one of the oldest art galleries in the world and home to over 800 European masterpieces from the Middle Ages to the end of the Rococo. You can see one of the biggest Rubens collections here.

The Neue Pinakothek features art and sculpture from the late 18th to the beginning of the 20th century. Highlights include German art of the 19th century, such as paintings from Caspar David Friedrich, and a wonderful collection of French impressionists.

The Pinakothek der Moderne is the largest museum for modern art in Germany and spotlights art of the 20th century, including photography and video.

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Car Museum

BMW Museum and Tower
Mos-photography / Getty Images
Am Olympiapark 2, 80809 München, Germany
Phone +49 89 125016001

For auto fans, Munich offers no less than three interesting car museums focused on a quintessential brand, BMW.

The BMW Museum traces back the history of the famous car line. The architectural masterpiece of "BMW World" is the delivery center for BMWs. It also houses exhibition halls, design studio, and workshops for kids.

The BMW plant itself is located nearby. It offers fascinating tours where visitors must put on your safety goggles and factory coats to watch the magic at work. In a wave of futurism, giant conveyors lift the 3-series BMW to be welded by computer-controlled robots.

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Movie Theatre

Movie theater seating
Cristie Guevera / Public Domain

Going to the Kino is a rainy day classic. Our guide to the nine best movie theatres in Munich includes addresses and which cinemas show English-movies. Order your popcorn süß (sweet) or salzig (salty) and immerse yourself in another world away from the rain.

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Münchner Residenz

 Chira Chirakijja / TripSavvy
Residenzstraße 1, 80333 München, Germany
Phone +49 89 290671

At the edge of Munich's old town lies the Residence, the former royal palace of the Bavarian monarchs. The Residence, whose first buildings were constructed in 1385, consists of ten courtyards and beautiful historical gardens.

Inside, the palace houses one of the best European museums of interior decoration and displays 130 rooms filled with antique furniture, art, porcelain, and tapestries that span the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, and the neoclassical era. Visit the unbelievably ornate Antiquarium (Hall of Antiquities), Ancestral Gallery and extensive treasury.

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Oktoberfest in Munich
Michelangelo Gratton / Getty Images

Munich's most famous event happens rain or shine. If you arrive in September or October, Oktoberfest is a can't miss and luckily most of the festivities happen within the tents. It is - unfortunately - quite common for some rain to fall on the event but it doesn't matter when people make merry while it drizzles outside.

And this isn't the only big drinking festival to help you escape the rain. Read about several other events besides the big one.

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