Mummies in Italy

Where to See Mummies and Skeletons in Italy

Italian mummies photo
courtesy of Alimos

Italy has a number of catacombs housing the bones of the dead but did you know that Italy also has mummies? Central Italy and Sicily have mummy exhibits that are open to the public by guided visit, often in churches. These mummies have been naturally preserved and the displays can be a macabre sight, not recommended for young children.

Where to Go to See Italian Mummies and Skeletons:

  • Church of the Dead, Urbania Mummies Cemetery: Church of the Dead, Chiesa dei Morti, is a tiny church in the Le Marche town of Urbania that holds an interesting and slightly macabre display. The Mummies Cemetery, Cimitero delle mummie, is in a tiny chapel. A guide takes you into the chapel and tells you about the mummies on display. Get visiting details in Urbania Mummies Cemetery.
  • The Ferentillo Mummies Museum: The tiny town of Ferentillo in southern Umbria holds an interesting surprise below the Church of Santo Stefano. Bodies buried there were preserved by a rare microfungus that attacked the corpses and turned them into mummies. Some of the best preserved mummies are on display in what is now the mummy museum in the bottom part of the church.
  • Catacombs of the Capuchins: In Palermo, Sicily the Catacombe dei Cappuccini contain mummified bodies, many in good shape that still look lifelike. These bodies were mummified by a preservative found in the catacombs. Get visiting information and details in Catacombs in Sicily.
  • Mummies in Italy - Why and Where: On our Europe Travel site, James Martin explains why we find mummies in Italy and where to go to see them on display in Mummies in Italy. It's very interesting and some of it may surprise you.
  • Skeletons and Catacombs in Italy: Skeletons are found in catacombs in several places in Italy. Mazes of underground tunnels were used to bury thousands of bodies and some of them are open for tours or visits. Rome has some of the best catacombs. Catacombs in Rome
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  • Spooky Places in Rome: Rome has several places where you can see scary attractions, including crypts, catacombs, and a museum. You can also see body parts of saints and other unusual relics in Rome's churches.
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  • Etruscan Tombs in Italy: If you prefer to see the tombs without the bodies, there are many surviving Etruscan tombs (pre-Roman) in central Italy. One of the best places to see painted Etruscan tombs is in the Northern Lazio town of Tarquinia, where there's also a good archaeological musuem.