Best Options of Traveling from Mumbai to Goa by Train

Konkan Railway.
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A convenient and inexpensive way of getting from Mumbai to Goa is by train, via the Konkan Railway. It's much more comfortable than the bus and the scenery is more spectacular. If you take an overnight train, you'll be there the next morning. The average travel time is 12 hours. Book early though, as space fills up fast.

What You Should Know

  • The main railway station in Mumbai is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (formerly Victoria Terminus) near the Fort area of South Mumbai. Its code is CST.
  • Trains to Goa also depart Mumbai from Lokmanyatilak Terminus, which is in Kurla, in the north eastern suburbs of Mumbai.
  • The main railway station in Goa is Madgaon, also known as Margao (MAO). It's located in South Goa. If you're traveling to the north Goa beaches, try to get a train that stops at Thivim (THVM).

Best Mumbai Goa Trains

  • The fastest train from Mumbai to Goa is the new 22119 Mumbai CST - Karmali Tejas Express "luxury" semi-high speed train, which completes the trip in just over eight hours. It commenced operating in May 2017 and runs during the morning. The train departs Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus at 5.50 a.m. and reaches Karmali (after Pernem and Thivim) in North Goa at 2 p.m. Karmali is the train's only stop in Goa. The train usually runs five days a week -- Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. However, it reduces the three days a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) during the monsoon season, from mid June until October. It also runs at a much slower speed during the monsoon season, adding a couple of hours travel time to the trip. The fare in AC Executive class is 2,980 rupees. AC Chair class is 1,525 rupees. Special features include tea and coffee vending machines, bio-vacuum toilets, LCD TVs, wireless Internet, GPS-based information display system, and automatically opening doors. See train information. The train is expected to replace the 11085 Mumbai LTT - Madgaon AC Double Decker Express, which departs at a similar time but takes longer and has received a poor response from passengers.
  • If you don't mind an early start, the 12051 Jan Shatabdi Express from Dadar Central to Madgaon in south Goa is similarly fast and also runs during the day. It's a "people's" Shatabdi train though, so don't expect the normal Shatabdi train perks. This train is for budget travelers. However, what's particularly noteworthy is that a new luxury Vistadome carriage, with glass roof and wide windows, was attached to the train in September 2018. The train departs at 5.25 a.m. and arrives in Madgaon at 2.10 p.m. It also stops at Thivim in north Goa. The fare for the AC Executive Class Vistadome carriage is 2,025 rupees. AC Chair (chair car, seated, air conditioned) is 945 rupees. 2S (second class, seated, non-air conditioned) is 270 rupees. The train runs every day. However, during the monsoon, the Vistadome carriage will only be attached to it on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. You'll find that there are usually seats available in second class on this train long after first class, and all other trains to Goa, are waitlisted. However, comfort is an issue. See train information. Discover what it's like to travel on the Jan Shatabdi train.
  • The most popular overnight train from Mumbai to Goa is the 10111 Konkan Kanya Express. It departs Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus at 11.05 p.m. and arrives at Madgaon at 10.45 a.m. the next morning. It also stops at Pernem and Thivim in north Goa. The fare in 1AC (first class, air conditioned, sleeper) is 2,610 rupees. 2A (two tier, air conditioned, sleeper) is 1,540 rupees. 3A (three tier, air conditioned, sleeper) is 1,070 rupees. SL (three tier, non air conditioned, sleeper) is 390 rupees. The train runs every day. See train information.
  • However, if you don't want to travel by 1AC, the daily overnight 12133 Mumbai CSMT - Mangaluru Jn SF Express is quicker. It departs Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus at 10.02 p.m. and arrives at Madgaon at 7.05 a.m. the next morning. It also stops in Karmali in North Goa. The fare in 2A is 1,590 rupees. 3A is 1,115 rupees. SL is 420 rupees. See train information.
  • Another option, which is more time consuming and requires a day of travel, is the 10103 Mandovi Express. It departs Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus at 7.10 a.m. and arrives at Madgaon at 7 p.m. It also stops at Pernem and Thivim in North Goa. The fares are the same as for the Konkan Kanya Express, and this train also runs every day. See train information.

Other Mumbai to Goa Trains

There are a few other sleeper trains that run from Mumbai to Goa, but their timetable isn't the most convenient.

Note About Travel During the Monsoon Season

A monsoon timetable operates from mid June until the end of October each year. Many trains depart an hour or two earlier than usual to account for delays as a result of reduced travel speed for safety reasons. You can expect the trip to take at least two or three hours longer. In addition, the frequency of some trains is decreased. This includes the Tejas Express, which only runs three days a week instead of five during the monsoon.

Trains Fully Booked?

The bus is the other cheap alternative. Find out where you can make an Online Bus Ticket Booking from Mumbai to Goa.

Trains from Goa to Mumbai

If you're planning on taking the train back to Mumbai, here are the best options from Goa to Mumbai.

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