How to Travel from Mumbai to Bangalore by Train, Bus, Car, or Plane

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Bangalore, which has more recently started to go by its traditional name Bengaluru, is India's third-largest city by population after Mumbai and Delhi, so traveling between Mumbai and Bangalore is commonly done via many different modes of transportation. When planning a trip around India, you have to remember that this is an enormous country and although Mumbai and Bangalore appear close on the map, they are over 600 miles (900 kilometers) apart. That's about the same distance between Atlanta and Miami.

The easiest and fastest way to get to Bangalore is by plane. Many airlines operate multiple direct routes per day between the two cities and the flights are affordable. Many seasoned visitors to India will tell you that taking a sleeper train in India is a must-do experience, but there are shorter routes than this one if you just need to get there quickly. It's also possible to rent a car and drive yourself if you're looking for more autonomy and are curious about what it would be like to take a road trip through India. There's also a bus, which is faster than the train but is subject to more delays.


Time Cost Best For
Train  24 hours from $7 Extreme budget travel
Bus 19 hours from $12 Comfortable budget travel
Flight 1 hour, 50 minutes from $24 Quickest route
Car 16 hours, 45 minutes 611 miles (984 kilometers Flexibility

By Train

Taking the train in India is an experience in itself. It's an adventure, and not at all a luxurious experience. There are multiple classes with vastly different comfort levels and because this is a 24-hour trip, you will probably want to invest in the sleeper class so you can lay down and try to get some rest during the ride. To make your reservation, you can either book in person at the train station or use the Indian Railways (IRCTC) website. Here are some of the train lines that operate between Mumbai and Bangalore:

  • 11301 Udyan Express: Runs daily from CSMT with 33 stops along the way. There is onboard catering, but no pantry car.
  • 11013 Mumbai LTT-Coimbatore Express: Runs daily from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus in Kurla with 24 stops along the way. There's a pantry car, onboard catering, and the food is satisfactory.
  • 16339 Mumbai CSMT-Nagercoil Express: Runs four days a week (Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) from CSMT with 35 stops. You can expect a pantry car and onboard catering, but it's not the cleanest of the trains.
  • The 11021 Chalukya Express: Runs three days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday) from Dadar Station. There's no pantry car, but there is catering onboard.

By Bus

India has many different bus operators you could use for traveling between Mumbai and Bangalore. Because there are so many that all operate out of different places in the city and run different schedules, the best thing to do is to use a comparison website like ComparaBUS to find the route that works for you. Because this is a long journey, book a sleeper bus so you will have room to lay down. They can be a little cramped and claustrophobic, but they are much faster and more reliable than a local bus. Although many of the buses have air conditioning, few have Wi-Fi.

By Plane

Many airlines fly direct from Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (BOM) to Bangalore's Kempegowda International Airport (BLR). Airlines such as AirAsia, Air India, IndiGo, Vistara, and Go First offer extremely competitive rates that start at between $24 and $50. Even during the busy travel season, you shouldn't have to pay more than $100 for a one-way ticket to Bangalore. Coming in at just under two hours long, flying is the fastest possible way to get between Mumbai and Bangalore.

By Car

When traveling by road in India, remember that you may come across difficult road conditions and you will probably hit a lot of traffic along the way. You'll want to keep your plans flexible, so you can make stops along the way as needed. If you drive, you'll likely have to break the trip into two days so finding a hotel will be in order.

The quickest route to Bangalore from Mumbai is via the NH 48 and there will be tolls along the way. The nice thing about this route is that as long as you stay on the NH 48, you can take it all the way to Bangalore without having to get on another highway. On the way, you'll pass by the cities of Pune, Kolhapur, and Tumakuru, so you can look to these when it comes time to decide where to stop for a break along the way.

What to See in Bangalore

As the capital of the state of Karnataka, Bangalore is a huge city with a large business district. Here, you'll find people who speak English, Kannada, and Hindi. The best way to get to know the city and acquaint yourself with its history is by signing up for a walking tour, You could also explore Bangalore via the public train system.

There are lots of sites to see, as the city is full of interesting landmarks like Bangalore Palace, The Sultan's Palace, the Lalbagh Gardens, and Ulsoor Lake. Art-lovers might be interested in checking out the National Gallery of Modern Art. There are also many amazing temples and spiritual places in and around the city that are worth visiting like the Someshwara Temple and the Shivoham Shiva Temple, which features a 65-foot tall statue of Lord Shiva sitting in the lotus position.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long is train journey from Mumbai to Bangalore?

    The train ride will take a full 24 hours to complete.

  • How much does it cost to travel by train from Mumbai to Bangalore?

    One-way tickets for the train start at $7 but change depending on which train line and fare class you choose.

  • How long is the bus ride from Mumbai to Bangalore?

    The journey by bus takes approximately 19 hours.

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