Mulled Cider Recipe

Make Hot Mulled Cider, and Your Home Will Smell Like Autumn in New England

Hot Mulled Cider
••• The sweet aroma of hot mulled cider simmering on your stove will transport you to New England. © 2016 Kim Knox Beckius

There's nothing more New England than the cinnamony scent of hot mulled cider simmering on the stove. Here is a recipe for how to make hot mulled cider at home.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 30 minutes

Here's How to Make Hot Mulled Cider:

  1. To make hot mulled cider just like you may have tasted in New England, start by pouring one gallon of fresh cider into a large pot on the stove or into a crockpot or slow cooker.
  1. Add a half cup of brown sugar.
  2. Place 1 teaspoon of whole cloves, 1 teaspoon of whole allspice, and 3 cinnamon sticks on a square of cheesecloth and tie up. Add to the pot.
  3. Heat the cider to a boil, stirring regularly. Leave the pot uncovered so that you and your family or guests can enjoy the warm, delicious aroma.
  4. Once the cider boils, lower the setting to simmer for at least another 15 minutes to allow for thorough infusion of the spices. Stir occasionally.
  5. Remove the spices from the pot and ladle hot mulled cider into mugs or other glasses designed for hot beverages.

Helpful Tips:

  1. If you don't have cheesecloth on hand, use a tea ball or a coffee filter to hold the spices.
  2. Add a splash of rum or brandy to really warm up a chilly day.
  3. For a decorative touch, you can stud an apple with cloves and allow that to float in your cider pot instead of adding cloves to your spice bag.
  4. I had trouble finding whole allspice berries in my local supermarkets, so I had to order allspice from Amazon.
  1. Another New England Mulled Cider Recipe Option: Flavor of Vermont Mulled Cider Recipe

What You Need for This Recipe:

  • fresh cider
  • whole cloves
  • cinnamon sticks
  • whole allspice
  • cheesecloth
  • large stock pot (or crockpot)
  • brown sugar
  • ladle
  • mugs