Elegant Chinese Cuisine at Mr Chow Las Vegas

Date Night With Mr Chow In Las Vegas

Scallop at Mr Chow Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

Tucked away in a corner beyond the ridiculous foot traffic of the rest of Caesars Palace is an entrance to an elevator. Above that entrance is a simple yet dignified sign for Mr. Chow Las Vegas. The simplicity of the sign yet its classy look is exactly what you’ll get when the doors open on the other side. The other side is the side we all want to be on.

The main room at Mr. Chow Las Vegas is a soothing mix of bright but soft light and sleek but toned-down modern design. It is as if you have entered into a new age spa but instead of the smell of incense, you’ll get a view of a great bar and the sight of tables filled with food and people engaging in the active process of communal style dining. 

The atmosphere is as much Las Vegas as it is the tone set by the legend of Mr. Chow. Refined, luxurious, yet approachable Chinese cuisine. It is a journey into the grown-up world of the take-out you had in college, only the sterling white plate ware and the crisp tablecloths make you understand just how far you have come from those days of eating out of a box with cheap chopsticks.

Mr. Chow Las Vegas

Caesars Palace
3570 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Website http://www.mrchow.com/restaurant-las-vegas-menu-map
Phone: (866) 277-5938
Cuisine:   Beijing Cuisine
Price Range:  Expensive
Hours: Open Daily 5 pm – 10 pm
Attire: Business Casual

What Should You Expect:

Mr. Chow Las Vegas is a classy affair but don’t be afraid to have a conversation or have some fun. It’s still Las Vegas and the attitude of communal dining is the ability to not only share a meal with friends and family but to also discuss what you are eating. This is family style happiness so go right ahead and have a conversation about the noodles and be sure to share your oohs and ahhs with the table. Yes, the dining room looks refined but the food is meant to exert your emotional side into a frenzy of mouthwatering comments.

How’s the Food?

Before you consider how the food is you should be well aware that it can get very expensive. You should expect a bill average over $50 per person. With that out of the way, you’ll be engaged in some serious foodie moments during dinner at Mr. Chow Las Vegas. From the chicken satays and salt and pepper prawns to the dumplings and shumai all the way to the branzino and crispy beef your taste buds will be on full alert. The sizzling will attack your senses and the flavors are in abundance on most dishes.

I would avoid the Mr. Chow Noodles simply because they pale in comparison to the other items on the menu.

What You Should Try

  • The scallop on the shell requires an order of about 10 but don’t do it. It’s fabulous but this is just your gateway into the cuisine at Mr. Chow.  Have one and then dream about that generously savory and salty and sweet experience.
  • Shumai with chili sauce must be talked about over and over. The chili sauce will tempt you to put it on everything but try to refrain. If you ask them for more they will oblige but some flavors are meant to be savored. The chili sauce is that, savor it and then let it go or else you’ll mask all of the great flavors available at Mr. Chow. However, on the shumai, go for it. Indulge in the chili sauce because it is delightfully decadent for any lover of the spicy, sweet side of life.
  • Velvet chicken is another spot that deserves some chili sauce so make sure to keep some nearby.
  • You’ll need the green beans because they are packed with so much action that you’ll ponder asking if you’ll be allowed into the kitchen to see what you have been missing at home.
  • Ma Mignon is the only reason you would order a slab of beef in a Chinese restaurant. This is not steakhouse beef, it is a fine dining morsel of protein so expect a lot of flavor packed into a few slices of supple beef. Melt in your mouth? You bet.

    Champagne Happy Hour otherwise known as the social hour happens Sunday - Thursday from 5-7 pm with special prices on bubbles. Think of Mr. Chow as a great spot for an enhanced date night.