NYC Is Eyeing a Plan to Connect the New Moynihan Train Hall With One of Its Famous Parks

CC: All the haters who said New York City was dead.

The High Line Elevated Park
Maremagnum / Getty Images

New York City is coming into 2021 with intention. Right out of the gates, the city debuted the gorgeous new Moynihan Train Hall, an addendum to Penn Station rebuilt right on the original Penn Station site that was torn down in the late 1960s. Now, the city is already looking toward the next steps in its plan to revamp the westside of Manhattan—connecting the sparkling new train hall to one of the city’s most unique parks.

Governor Cuomo's new plan seeks to build an L-shaped path that will link up Moynihan Train Hall with NYC’s famed High Line park. The High Line is an elevated park repurposed out of a former section of the New York Railroad. Stretching over the heads of pedestrians at 30 feet up in the air, this park-in-the-sky stretches from Gansevoort Street between 9th and 10th Avenue up to 34th Street and 12th Avenue.

"This will be the most ambitious redevelopment that New York City has seen in decades," Governor Cuomo said. "When the private sector economy lags, state governments build infrastructure and spur development. The beautiful Moynihan Train Hall is open, the renovation of Penn Station and this High Line extension project begin this year. This connection is part of a district-wide redevelopment of the West Side that will jumpstart the private market in a post-pandemic world."

According to a statement on the governor’s website, the proposed project would involve extending the High Line eastward well as building an elevated public connector space that would eventually take commuters to an entry/exit point on 9th Avenue at Brookfield’s Manhattan West, right across from an entrance to Moynihan Train Hall.

For those curious about the details of this new public space, Brookfield Property Group Managing Partner Ben Brown says the Manhattan West complex will be focused around a two-acre landscaped public plaza that will be surrounded by nearly a quarter-million square feet of curated restaurants and shops, along with the ability to host year-round events like art exhibitions and an NHL-programmed ice skating rink.

“Strategically extending the High Line in these locations not only creates new public space but also addresses community concerns about pedestrian access between Penn Station and Hudson Yards and surrounding areas,” reads a statement on the governor’s website. “Midtown West continues its transformation into a burgeoning commercial and residential neighborhood in Manhattan. The High Line is New York's most popular elevated park, and its extension will offer safe passage for commuters, residents, and tourists navigating this booming area.”