Moving to Phoenix Online Course - Part 8

Part 8: EEEEWWW! What's That?

••• Scorpion in my office. © Judy Hedding

This is Part 8 of an 8 part online course. Start here to learn more about and why this course was created and how it is structured.

Moving to Phoenix Online Course

A favorite topic of people who have never lived in the Desert Southwest is the critters. Most often people are worried about -- no, terrified about -- scorpions and rattlesnakes. I will never forget one lady who emailed me to say that someone told her that everyone who owns a home in Phoenix has scorpions crawling out of the electrical outlets.

I'm not going to tell you that we don't have scorpions or rattlesnakes here. That would be silly. Why, I have one right on my desk as I type this. (It's a paperweight, of course.) Seriously, there are desert creatures here, but they are not in control of our lives. No matter where in this world you live, there's probably an annoying critter that you'd rather avoid. Well, here are ours.

Trivia to Impress Your Friends

- Death by scorpion sting is highly unlikely; you can count on one hand the number of people who have died from being stung by a scorpion sting (or complications arising from the sting) in the last 50 years in Arizona. You are much more likely to be killed by lightning and your child is more likely to be run over in your own driveway.

- Scorpions can go as long as a full year without eating anything.

- A female scorpion gives birth to an average of twenty-six scorpions at a time.

And One More Thing

There are more than 650 known species of scorpion; about 40 of these can be found in the United States.

Before you move on to read about scorpions and snakes and spiders (oh, my!) I wanted to thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Greater Phoenix area while you contemplate your move. 


We Have Scorpions in Arizona
Learn about scorpions, and how to avoid them.

Identify That Scorpion
Not all scorpions are the infamous Arizona Bark Scorpion. Here are some of our most common scorpions, and how to tell them apart.

Readers Submit Their Scorpion Sting Experiences
Yes, people get stung, and yes, it hurts. But for most people, it isn't too dangerous. Just like most people survive wasp stings and jellyfish bites in other parts of the country. Read these stories about local scorpion stings.

What Do Scorpions Look Like?
Readers submit their scorpion photos!


What You Need To Know About Rattlesnakes
Here are the answers to the most common rattler questions.

Snake Gallery
We have many varieties of snakes in the desert. Here's a photo gallery so you can recognize which ones to be worried about and which ones are no problem. Many of these photos were submitted by locals!

How to Treat a Rattlesnake Bite
This is the more traditional approach to treating a rattler bite. Good to know, even if you never have to use it.

More to Worry About

Other Desert Critters

Oh, you mean you thought all you had to worry about was scorpions and snakes? Here you'll find details about the roof rats, killer bees, black widow spiders, palo verde beetles, and fire ants.