A Guide to Moving to Las Vegas

Affordable single-family houses developments near Las Vegas, Nevada

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So you've decided to make the big move to Las Vegas. Maybe you've been here before, or perhaps like us, you made the move without ever having visited. Regardless Las Vegas is as unique a city as you will find anywhere on Earth and the rules and style of living are quite different from what you're likely used to.

These articles will give you tons of info on how to acclimate to your new city. From utilities info to information on neighborhoods and locals' deals this guide will help you go from newbie to Las Vegan in no time.


From the planned community of Summerlin, owned by Howard Hughes company to the neighboring City of Henderson to the neighborhood of North Las Vegas, Las Vegas has plenty to offer. Local restaurants and bars and parks and recreation centers abound.

Utilities Guide

One of the biggest pains during a move is setting up all new utilities. From water to trash to electrical the sign-ups can be irritating and confusing. These guides will help you make the process as easy as possible.


Las Vegas has two major dailies and several weekly papers. Want to know whether the Review Journal or the Sun favors your political view or what weekly will keep you up to date on the best Happy Hours and clubs, then check out my guide to Las Vegas Newspapers.

Animal Shelters

So you've moved across the country, maybe for work, maybe for fun, maybe to start it all anew. Whether you've come with family or solo nothing helps one acclimate to a new city like getting a pet. Adopt a dog or cat from one of these amazing organizations and you'll be helping the community and yourself out and gain a lifelong friend.


If you're like me you never gambled until you moved to Sin City, at least not real Las Vegas Strip gambling. sure my Dad and I bet the odd dollar n the Super Bowl, but nothing quite compares to the feeling of elation at winning your first Royal or the sinking despair of doubling down in Blackjack and watching the dealer turn over a second ten. This guide to common table games and their rules will help you get in the game and stay there.


Las Vegas is rightly lauded as the Entertainment Capital of the World. with dozens and dozens of ever-changing shows, there is little way you'll ever get to see them all, but this guide will help you decide which are the best for you.

Fun Stuff

With literally thousands of things to do for fun, Las Vegas will entertain you forever. Here are some great places to start:


Las Vegas has a lot more history than one may think. These articles will help you understand the past of this great city.

Local Deals

Las Vegas is the Entertainment Capital of the world and has numerous things to do, but few are free. These articles will help you save money and even get the occasional thing for free.

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