Best Movies Filmed in Houston

Though it's no Hollywood, Houston has long been a favorite among movie directors as a location for their movies. With due respect to Twins, Robocop 2, and Rutger Hauer's cinematic masterpiece Blind Fury, here are the ten best movies filmed in Houston.

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    Urban Cowboy

    ••• Urban Cowboy

    Ask anyone from Houston-suburb Pasadena what the best thing about their town is, and they'll usually boast about it being where film classic Urban Cowboy was filmed. How could they not? This love story about the volatile relationship between cowboy Bud and cowgirl Sissy, is inarguably an iconic Texas film.

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    Tin Cup

    ••• Tin Cup

    Though only a portion of this was shot near Houston, Tin Cup makes the list based solely on the gut wrenching meltdown Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy, played by Kevin Costner, suffers at the end of the movie on the golf course. Anyone who has ever played before knows exactly what was going through his mind.

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    Apollo 13

    ••• Apollo 13

    A veritable Murder's Row of actors, of course Apollo 13 makes the cut. It's one of the greatest astronaut movies of all time. Certainly better than the Astronaut Farmer, at least. Naturally, part of the film was shot at one of Houston's greatest attractions: NASA's Johnson Space Center.

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    ••• Armageddon

    At the complete opposite end of the reality spectrum is Bruce Willis's 1998 summer smash Armageddon. This still comes on TV regularly, and you'd be forgiven for getting misty-eyed when [spoiler alert] Willis swaps places with Afleck at the end of the movie.

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    Friday Night Lights

    ••• Friday Night Lights

    Any film that makes mention of the Astrodome has to rank on the list somewhere, let alone the fact that this was a startlingly good movie. That scene with Boobie Miles where he starts screaming/crying in the car when he realizes the bleakness of his own future is just great.

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    The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

    ••• Best Little Whorehouse

    Apparently, the Melvin P. Thorpe character was based on one of Houston's most beloved reporters, Marvin Zindler. Add to that the fact that this movie has inspired countless spin-offs/parodies/imitations (The Best Little Hair House in Texas is my personal favorite), and you've got yourself a bonafide cult classic.

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    ••• Rushmore

    Two men (well, one teenager and one man) feuding for the love of a woman — what could be better? I wasn't a big fan of this when it came out, but it has aged particularly well. Plus, it helped transform Bill Murray's career from movie star to indie-movie star, which is kind of the opposite of how most people do it.

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    Reality Bites

    ••• Reality Bites

    You'd be hard pressed to find a character more inherently disagreeable yet who accidentally turns likable than Ethan Hawke's in this movie. Nice bit of acting there. Scenes from this film were shot in several Houston locations, including the Heights

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    The Tree of Life

    ••• Pitt on location for Tree of Life. Tree of Life

    This movie — released in 2011 and filmed in Houston and several other Texas cities — gets on here by sheer virtue of the indisputable fact that any movie that features both Sean Penn and Brad Pitt is a bonafide winner. 

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    Space Coowboys

    ••• Space Cowboys

    Space Cowboys just barely sneaked onto the list —besting Selena, which has a final scene that is set in the Astrodome but was filmed in San Antonio, and the sultry Jason's Lyric — because of Clint Eastwood's presence in this film (always been a big fan of his).