Famous Movie Locations in Ireland

From "Braveheart" to "Moby Dick"

The Cliffs of Moher Were Used As 'The Cliffs of Insanity' In "The Princess Bride"
••• The Cliffs of Moher Were Used As 'The Cliffs of Insanity' In "The Princess Bride". espiegle/Getty Images

Movie locations in Ireland are extremely common. Tax incentives and stunning landscapes have made Ireland the go-to place for many producers. 

Ireland has also a tradition of film production. Many major movies were filmed here, with the Emerald Isle doubling as anything from Roman Britain to post-apocalyptic Northern England. And Dublin standing in for London, Boston, and even Berlin! Here are some of the places you might have seen before:

Movie Locations in County Antrim

Giant's Causeway and Causeway Coast

  • "Hellboy II - The Golden Army"
  • Jackie Chan's "The Medallion" 

Movie Locations in County Carlow

Huntingdon Castle

  • "Barry Lyndon" - a Kubrick location in Ireland.

Movie Locations in County Cavan


  • "The Playboys"

Movie Locations in County Clare

The Cliffs of Moher

  • "Hear My Song" - landscape shots were used in this movie.
  • "The Princess Bride" - the cliffs of Moher featured as the "Cliffs of Insanity", and that was before they even had the high prices.

Movie Locations in County Cork


  • "War of the Buttons" - several street scenes were filmed here.

Cork City

  • "Angela's Ashes" - yes, the Limerick epic was partially filmed in Cork!

Union Hall

  • "War of the Buttons"


  • "Moby Dick" (John Huston, 1956) - standing in as New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Movie Locations in County Dublin


  • "Into the West" - the grim suburb provided the fitting background to this tale of youthful dreams and schemes.

    Dublin (just a selection from the many productions in the city, many filmed in Georgian Dublin)

    • "The Commitments"
    • "The General"
    • Jackie Chan's "The Medallion", scenes in Dublin Castle were enlivened by a chase through an (in reality non-existent) café in the courtyard.
    • "Michael Collins"
    • "My Boy Jack"
    • "Penny Dreadful" (TV drama)
    • "Ripper Street" (TV drama)
    • "The Snapper"
    • "Tara Road" - standing in for New York at times, a Dublin tour bus (with right-hand drive) was even clad in NYC markings.
    • "The Tudors" (TV drama)
    • "The Van"
    • "Veronica Guerin"

    Howth Harbour

    • "Pater Brown"

    Kilmainham Gaol

    • "The Italian Job" - Noel Coward's "home away from home" in the original movie.

    Smithfield Market

    • "The Spy Who Came in From the Cold" - standing in for Berlin with a replica of Checkpoint Charlie.

    Temple Bar

    • "Far and Away" - representing Boston.

    Trinity College

    • "Educating Rita" - as a "typical English university" nonetheless.

    Movie Locations in County Galway

    Aran Islands

    • "Man of Aran" - the 1934 "documentary" has some unhistorical, staged scenes while purporting to be a truthful portrait of island life. 
    • "Father Ted" - the aerial view of "Craggy Island" at the start of every episode of the hysterical clerical sitcom was actually a bit of the Aran Islands.

    Galway City

    • "Black Narcissus" (1947)
    • "Jack Taylor" (TV drama)
    • "The Guard"
    • "The Mackintosh Man"


    • "The Field"


    • "The Matchmaker"

    Movie Locations in County Kerry


    • "Excalibur" - some scenes were shot here.

    Dún Chaoin or Dunquin

    • "Far and Away" - used in some outdoor shots.
    • "Ryan's Daughter" - the village in the film was, however, only a purpose-built set!

      Movie Locations in County Kildare


      • "The Blue Max" - the planes were flown by pilots of the Irish Air Corps.


      • "Cal"

      Movie Locations in County Kilkenny


      • "Circle of Friends"

      Movie Locations in County Limerick

      Dromore Castle

      • "High Spirits" - the castle is featured as the fictional "Castle Plunkett".

      Limerick City

      • "Angela's Ashes"

      Movie Locations in County Louth


      • "The Devil's Own"

      Movie Locations in County Mayo


      • "The Quiet Man" - the saga of the boxer and the flame-haired Irishwoman was filmed in and around Cong. The tourism trade still dines out on that.

      Movie Locations in County Meath


      • "The Crying Game" - the carnival scene was filmed in this seaside location just north of Dublin.


      • "Omagh" - the movie was filmed in the town center of Navan, parts of which look remarkably like Omagh.


        • "Braveheart" - Trim Castle stands in for Carlisle.
        • "Captain Lightfoot"

        Movie Locations in County Monaghan


        • "The Butcher Boy" - the town can be recognized in several background scenes.

        Movie Locations in County Tipperary

        Cahir Castle

        • "Barry Lyndon" - Stanley Kubrick used the castle in his innovative epic.
        • "Excalibur" - the opening scenes with King Uther Pendragon were filmed here.

        Rock of Cashel

        • "Excalibur"

        Movie Locations in County Wexford

        Curracloe Beach

        • "Saving Private Ryan" - actors and the Irish Army starred as invasion forces on D-Day, storming the beaches at Curracloe, which are similar to the Normandy beaches.

        Movie Locations in County Wicklow


        • "Ballykissangel" - the hugely successful BBC TV series, portraying Irish (or rather Oirish) life was filmed in Avoca.
        • "Give my Head Peace" - a stroke of genius: in one episode of this satirical sitcom on Irish sectarianism (yes, you read that right) a bunch of Orangemen march through Ballykissangel.


        • "My Left Foot" - scenes of the movie were shot in the seaside resort just south of Dublin.


        • "The Blue Max" - the planes were flown by pilots of the Irish Air Corps.

        Kilruddery House

        • "Far and Away
        • "My Left Foot"

        Powerscourt Estate

        • "Henry V" - representing Agincourt in Laurence Olivier's 1944 movie version.

        Wicklow Mountains

        • "Braveheart"
        • "Excalibur"
        • "Into the West"
        • "King Arthur" - a stretch of Hadrian's Wall was built for this movie.
        • "Lassie" (2005)
        • "Michael Collins" - the Wicklows are standing in for Cork.
        • "Reign of Fire" - the post-apocalyptic ruins were erected as a stage set only.
        • "Vikings" - the Blessington Lakes see some raiding by longboats.
        • "Zardoz"