Mott and Chace Rhode Island Vacation Home Rentals

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Mott &and Chace's Rhode Island Vacation Home Website

The Mott &and Chace website, which is a part of Sotheby's, offers information regarding several rentals throughout Rhode Island. Although listing of homes for sale in Rhode Island and around the world are easily accessible from this site, the primary goal here is to inform you of the various rental properties available.

Mott & Chace offers 65+ rentals to vacationers year round in a variety of sizes and price ranges. No matter what type or size of rental you need, Mott & Chace has got you covered and can help you plan the vacation of your dreams.

You can plan the perfect family vacation, a huge family gathering or family reunion or even plan a corporate retreat. Renting a vacation home gives you so much more freedom during your stay. You can cook at the house, plan activities in the surrounding area and still sleep in a private room every night.

The Mott & Chace website

The Mott & Chace website displays a variety of beautiful homes that are available to rent weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even seasonably. The summer rental site predominately advertises homes for rent in South County Rhode Island and has a targeted audience for the family unit wanting to vacation in relaxing Rhode Island.

Mott &and Chace rentals available

The rentals range from beach front, wooded area, to town homes. Although the drop down boxes on the site only offer up to six bedrooms and up to eleven occupancy count homes, several homes have more than that.

  • Central Beach at Quonochontaug offers twenty-five homes offering up to five bedrooms for up to ten people.
  • East Beach Ouonochontaug offers forty-five homes with up to 6 bedrooms and availability of 36 occupants in one home.
  • There are 6 bedroom homes with up to 12 occupant spaces located on West Beach Quonochontaug.
  • Charlestown Beach-Greenhill Beach has eleven rentals available with up to 5 bedrooms and a maximum occupancy of ten.
  • Shady-Shelter Harbors-Haversham offers six rentals with up to five bedrooms and an occupancy of twelve.
  • Weekapaug & Watch Hill offers sixteen homes with up to ten bedrooms and occupancy of twelve.
  • Narragansett-Jamestown-Newport-Little Compton offers up four homes with up to seven bedrooms and max accommodations of fourteen.

The area surrounding Mott & Chace rentals

The Mott & Chace website boasts all the area’s activities that one can partake in including tennis, golf, and watersports. The site is clearly geared for family vacations and adventures and advertises homes that are comfortable for large families or groups. There are a few homes available for those that want a more intimate setting. The homes listed here for vacation rentals offer all the conveniences of home, and some have even more to offer. Included in some of the amenities are washers and dryers, kitchen necessities, garages and/or parking areas, linens, and some even with pools and tennis courts. There is even a check box to search for home that allows dogs and/or cats. Most of the Mott & Chace rental homes feature luxurious pleasantries that many families have become accustom to or desire.

Navigating the Mott & Chace website

The website offers helpful links to area activities and restaurants for the possible vacationer. There are links to areas of rental homes that can inform future renters of the local environment and atmosphere.
Mott & Chace Realtors are based out of Rhode Island and their agents appear very knowledgeable of the area in which their rentals and properties exist. While the majority of their vacation rentals are Rhode Island based, the company spans globally.

Booking your next vacation rental with Mott & Chace

Booking online is not an option. Availability of homes are listed individually by calendar dates along with price per length of minimum stay. For the best detailed information in regards to policy and deposits, you must inquire by phone or email to Mott & Chace.

Phone: 401-364-6700


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