Motorcycles on Main in Mesa

Head to Mesa for Bikes and Music and Family Fun

Motorcycles on Main in Mesa, AZ
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Arizona is a haven for bikers. Beautiful desert and mountain roads, and excellent weather most of the year makes this an attractive place for those who enjoy recreational riding, as well as for people who use a bike as daily transportation; a motorcycle is a reasonable alternative to the expense of owning a car or truck, as long as you take precautions to safeguard your bike from theft.

Bikers and their friends and admirers gather in downtown Mesa to show off their bikes, share experiences and introduce newcomers to the biker world. On the first Friday evening of (almost) every month bring the family to downtown Mesa, Arizona for Motorcycles on Main. No cars can drive on Mesa's downtown streets on that evening — that privilege is reserved for bikers.

If you are a biker, you can cruise Main Street or park and show off your bike. If you don't have a motorcycle, you are still invited! Check out all the fantastic bikes along Main Street and talk to the bikers about their rides.

At Motorcycles on Main you can also expect to enjoy a beer garden on North MacDonald (if you are over 21) and hear live music. Bring cash for food vendors, and see what else there is for sale. This is a family-friendly activity.

Motorcycles on Main

When: First Friday of the month, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
NOTE: This event takes July and August off.
Admission: Free

Where: Along Main Street, between Center and Robson Streets in downtown Mesa. This area is accessible by Valley Metro Rail. The Main Street/Center Street station gets you right there. If you have never Valley Metro light rail before, here is how it works. If you are driving, here are estimated travel times from various points in the area.

Map: These directions and map to Mesa Arts Center in downtown Mesa will help you find it.<br/>
More Information: Visit Motorcycles on Main online or call 480-890-2613.

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