Mother's Day in Toronto

Eating Out or Staying In for Mother's Day Brunch and Dinner


When is Mother's Day?

In Canada, Mother's Day is always the second Sunday in May.

1. Mother's Day Meals
2. Mother's Day Outings and Entertainment
3. Mother's Day Gifts and Giving Back

Mother's Day Meals

Taking mom out to her favorite restaurant is a popular choice on Mother's Day, but that also means you need to make your reservations early. You can also make Mother's Day special by looking beyond restaurants to Mother's Day meal events, or by sharing a meal at home as a family.

Here are some noteworthy venues which usually offer a special Mother's Day meal in Toronto:

Mother's Day Brunch, Tea and Dinner Events in Toronto

Mother's Day Royal Brunch at Casa Loma
The annual Mother's Day brunch at Casa Loma always offers multiple seating times - and they all sell out. If you're enticed by the elaborate menu (which you can view on the website) don't hesitate to make your reservation.

Mother's Day Tea at Black Creek Pioneer Village
Black Creek Pioneer Village generally pairs an afternoon tea with some special Mother's Day programming so you can make a day of it. Reservations required for the tea.

Mother's Day Buffet at the Old Mill Inn
The Old Mill Inn & Spa offers both a brunch and dinner buffet for Mother's Day. Don't forget to check out the spa services available on site if you'd like to offer your mom some pampering with her meal.

Mother's Day Cream Tea at Toronto's Historic Museums
Several of Toronto's city-run historic museums - usually Spadina Museum, Gibson House and Montgomery's Inn - host a special Mother's Day tea and tour.

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• Learn about visiting Gibson House

Mother's Day on the Water
You can make things even more memorable by taking your mom to brunch or dinner on a boat. Cruise Toronto's inner harbour and enjoy the view while you enjoy your meal.

Mariposa Cruises
Jubilee Queen Cruises

Cooking for Mom

If you'd like to save some money and some stress by making brunch or dinner yourself, these cooking guides are ready to help you with ideas and tips.

  • Mother's Day Brunch Menus and Recipes
  • Ten Mother's Day Recipes Kids Can Make All By Themselves

Ordering Dinner In

Of course another option is to order in food on Sunday. That way no one has to cook and there's very little clean-up, so you can spend even more time enjoying the company. If you're worried a delivered meal won't seem as special, consider having a home-made dessert ready, or ordering a personalized cake.

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  • Desserts and Baking

1. Mother's Day Meals
2. Mother's Day Outings and Entertainment
3. Mother's Day Gifts and Giving Back

1. Mother's Day Meals
2. Mother's Day Outings and Entertainment
3. Mother's Day Gifts and Giving Back

Mother's Day Outings and Entertainment

Beyond just going out to eat, there are plenty of options for spending the day together. There are galleries, museums, gardens and even sporting events to choose from - something to suit every mom's taste.

Art & Museums
Toronto's variety of galleries and museums means there's something for just about everyone.

Browse everything from modern art to ancient artifacts - just make sure you choose the one your mom would prefer.

Depending on Mom's interests, you can visit a specialized museum, such as the Bata Shoe Museum, or check out the current special exhibitions and permanent collections at the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery on Ontario
More on Toronto Museums

Zoos, Farms and Gardens
The Toronto Zoo celebrates Mother's Day by highlighting some of their animal families.

Admission is always free at both Riverdale Farm in Cabbagetown and the High Park Zoo (although donations are very welcome) and the surrounding areas are also lovely for walking. 

The Toronto Botanical Garden generally offers a special event for Moms on Mother's Day weekend, such as champagne or tea tasting, along with their usual lovely gardens (you'll need to register in advance for any special events).

Sporting Events
Looking for something a little different to do with Mom?

On Sunday's there usually live Thoroughbred Racing at Woodbine starting at 1pm. Admission to the track itself is free - just be sure to set yourself a betting limit before you go!
• About Horse Racing - Help for Beginners

Baseball season has started by the second Sunday in May, so if your Mom is a baseball fan check the Toronto Blue Jays schedule for a home game close to Mother's Day.

Of course you can always check out other Toronto events to look for things to do which aren't directly related to Mother's Day.


1. Mother's Day Meals
2. Mother's Day Outings and Entertainment
3. Mother's Day Gifts and Giving Back

Mother's Day Gifts and Giving Back

You want to find the perfect gift for mom to show her how much you love her. But for mom, the perfect gift may have very little to do with what you buy and more to do with building an even stronger bond between you. Here are ideas on how to take some traditional Mother's Day gifts to the next level and make Mom even happier.

From Tickets to Season Subscriptions
Does your mom love theatre, music, or sporting events? By getting tickets for the two of you to something your mom loves, you're adding a second special day to the near future. If you and your mother share a passion, then two season subscriptions are a great way to line up a lot of special days over the coming months. You may want to wait to actually buy the tickets until you can get some input from mom on what seats and dates will work for her, but you can drop a brochure in a box and wrap that up for Mother's Day, then take things from there.
• Theatre suggestions: Mirvish Productions, The Canadian Stage Company, Factory Theatre, Tarragon Theatre

From Day Trips to Memberships
Similar to event tickets, your mother might love a trip to one of Toronto's many attractions, such as the Royal Ontario Museum or the Toronto Zoo. By going a step further and getting her an annual membership, you're giving her a whole year of enjoyment and access to special member-only perks.

Get a membership for yourself as well, and suddenly the two of you have a new place to spend time together throughout the year.
• Consider Zoo Membership
Benefits of Royal Ontario Museum membership

From Flowers to Gardens
While cut flowers will be appreciated by most moms, you can also up the ante by taking her out to a nursery or garden center and buying plants for her landscaping needs.

Of course, it's your job to plant them, too. Then you can volunteer on a regular basis for weeding and other upkeep purposes.
Sheridan Nurseries
Islington Nurseries

From Giving to Mom to Giving with Mom
If your mom has a charity or cause she supports, a little online research may lead you to a perfect gift. Many organizations have special ways to donate in honor of someone else. Even better, you may discover an upcoming event or other opportunity for you and your mom to volunteer at together. Now, this isn't the kind of gift you want to spring on mom unexpectedly, but you can find a creative way to let her know you'd like to help out with her favourite charity.
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