Where to Take Mom on Mother's Day in San Diego

If you're looking to do something more than the traditional card, flowers, and breakfast in bed on Mother's Day, you're in luck. Besides the tried and true brunch or dinner, San Diego has a number of unique places and activities to make Mother's Day a special one.

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Enjoy Luxury at the Hotel del Coronado

Sunset view above a bar at the Hotel Del Coronado.
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If you want to make your mom feel special, take her to the grand dame of San Diego, the Hotel del Coronado. The place just oozes elegance, and the hotel is famous for its Mother's Day Brunch. Even if you don't do brunch, just stroll along the grounds and along the wonderful sandy Coronado Beach adjacent to the hotel for a memorable day.

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Visit the San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Safari Park
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Mother's Day is a great day to visit the San Diego Zoo since it is the time of year is when many animals give birth, which also ties right back into the "mother" theme of the day. If you can, take her to lunch at the Zoo's sit-down restaurant, Albert's. It's a nice little place to make her feel special.

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Go On a Shopping Trip

Fashion Valley, a Simon Mall
Fashion Valley, a Simon Mall

On Mother's day, take your mom to the best mall in San Diego, Fashion Valley. Of course, then you may be on the hook to buy her something as a gift, but she likely deserves it. Or perhaps treat her to a movie with dinner at one of the mall's many onsite eateries.

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Meet Sea Life at the Tide Pools

Tide Pools at Point Loma, California
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If your mom is more of an outdoorsy type, the Point Loma Tide Pools are a great place to check out the local sea life, take in the ocean air and see the magnificent views atop Point Loma. Best of all for offspring on a budget, the price is right because it's free.

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Spend the Afternoon in Julian

Lake Cuyamaca in Julian, California
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A pleasant day trip is always a good idea for Mother's Day, and a trip into the mountain town of Julian is a fun activity. The town — just 90 minutes from San Diego — seems like a world away, and the mountain scenery is a nice change of pace. Stroll the antique shops, and be sure to stop by Mom's Pie House (of course) for some delicious apple pie, a Julian specialty.

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Take Her to the Flower Fields

Carlsbad Flower Field, Carlsbad, Southern California
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Need a special picture to take of mom? Then take her to the Carlsbad Flower Fields. It's a perfect, colorful spot to take a photo. The ranunculus fields are a favorite attraction of flower lovers, but you better hurry: the Fields only stay open through Mother's Day (how convenient!).

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Explore a Farmer's Market

People shopping at street market in Little Italy district of San Diego, USA
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An outing to a local farmer's market is a fun thing to do, especially if you haven't been before. San Diego has a number of certified farmers' markets, and this is a great time of year to visit, as many fruits and vegetables are coming in season. Oh, and make sure you buy your mother a bouquet of fresh flowers while you're there for Mother's Day.

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Enjoy an Outdoor Concert

Summer Outdoor Concert, Balboa Park, San Diego
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Is your mother a music lover? Then you're in luck because it's a great time to take her to a musical show since the summer concert tours have begun and San Diego's outdoor concert season is in full swing. Treat her to a lovely time via a show under the stars on a mild spring evening.

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