Most Romantic Walks in Paris

The Best Places for Long Strolls as a Couple

Montmartre is sublime in the autumn-- and perfect all year round for Romantic walks.
Yulia Resnikov/Moment Open

If you're planning a getaway to the French capital with someone special, finding the best spots for romantic walks in Paris is likely to be high up on your to-do list. Paris is a city that naturally exudes romance, so meandering aimlessly (or purposefully, for that matter) is definitely recommended. Naturally, though, some places have more potential to set the mood than others. Here are a few of our favorite places in the city to steal away to with your beau or belle. 

Louvres/Tuileries Area: For Old-World Elegance

When you're looking for classic Paris, this area can't be beat. Meander with your cheri/e around the opulent galeries and plazas surrounding the Louvre and the Tuileries garden for a classic romantic walk. I also recommend ducking into the splendid old covered passageways, shops, and gardens at the Palais Royal, and exploring the nearby Galerie Vivienne, a quaint "arcade" that transports you to a Paris of an entirely different era. In fact, the entire area known as the Grands Boulevards offers an old-world glamour and charm that many couples will love basking in together. 

The Marais: For Renaissance Charm and Modern, Stylish Appeal

Try ambling around the narrow streets of the old Marais neighborhood, especially Place des Vosges or Rue de Turenne, for a quaint romantic stroll. Take a few hours to really explore this area, with its quiet, tucked away squares, glamorous old hotels particuliers (Renaissance-era mansions), and remnants of medieval Paris (see, especially, the Hotel de Sens).

It's alll but guaranteed to inspire your imaginations-- and hearts. This area is also a fantastic place for shopping, if you and your significant other enjoy browsing boutiques together. 

The Banks of the Seine River: for Movie-Inspired Romance 

The banks of the Seine River are so associated with romance that we'd have a hard time listing all the films, TV shows and even works of literature that depict lovers ambling on its banks.

But where are the best spots to spend time together, riverside?

Try getting off at Metro St Michel and strolling on the left bank, or on the Ile St Louis around Notre Dame Cathedral. If it's warm out, stop for a picnic. You can also consider taking a Paris boat tour and then a stroll around Notre Dame, the Pont d'Alma or other spots along the Seine, depending on where your boat tour departs from. Of course, sitting by the Seine at dusk is one of the best ways to enjoy sunsets in the capital. 

Montmartre: For Gorgeous Panoramic Views and Old Paris Impressions

Exploring the charming nooks of Montmartre will inspire arty romance that any 19th-century poet would approve of. There are great panoramic views from the Sacré Coeur, and exploring the neighborhood's cobbled, winding streets will make you feel like you're in another time. 

The Latin Quarter: For Booklovers and Literary Buffs

The Latin Quarter, with its hidden passageways, antique bookstores, old-world cafes and elegant gardens, is always a romantic place to amble in Paris. I especially recommend roaming around the St Michel district near the old Sorbonne, strolling through the elegant Luxembourg Gardens, and then perhaps taking our self-guided walking tour of old literary haunts in Paris together.


Get Off the Beaten Path Together: Explore These Areas Coveted by Locals

Sometimes you just want to get away from the hordes of fellow tourists, and into quieter areas. Try a stroll along the Canal St Martin in East Paris. This is a good romantic walk for couples who've already been to Paris before and want to see an edgier side of the city. Even quainter and quieter is the Butte aux Cailles neighborhood in the city's south end.

If it's nice out, consider heading up to the Buttes-Chaumont park, a 19th-century example of romantic landscaping, complete with rolling hills, (artificial) grottoes and waterfalls and dozens of varieties of trees and plants.

You can also take a breather from the urban grind by enjoying a stroll at the Viaduc des Arts, a defunct viaduct and railway which has been converted into a promenade of artisan boutiques and a lush above-ground walkway boasting dozens of varieties of plants, trees and flowers (Promenade Plantee).

For more ideas on places to roam off the typical tourist track, see our guide to 5 Paris "villages" you've probably never heard of

Why Not Take a Romantic Day Trip Together?

Itching to get away from the crowds and take in some fresh air? If so, some quiet time together away from the hoopla of the city is definitely in order. Whether you choose to spend a day at Monet's sublime gardens in Giverny, exploring the palace and gardens at  Versailles or the lesser-known Chateau Vaux-le-Vimcompte, there are many day trips in easy reach of Paris.