Most Romantic Locations in Berlin

Berlin is trendy, gritty and freezing cold this winter. But is it also romantic? The scores of teenagers to over-age hipsters making out on random street corners seem to suggest yes.

And as Valentine's Day rolls around and Travel gathers an impressive collection of The World's Best Places to Kiss, I offer Berlin's 5 best places to kiss from atop its many bridges to within its fanciful photo booths.

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Kiss in Berlin's Photo Booths

Photoautomat sign in Berlin.JPG
Erin Porter

Photoautomats or Fotoautomaten have enjoyed a re-birth because of their affordability, availability and nostalgic charm. A strip of four shots costs just €2 - less than a UBahn ticket. And the growing number of booths are open day and night, providing (nearly) instant gratification. Berlin is the perfect place to step out of the box and what better way to immortalize your love (or temporary lust) than with a picture of a kiss?

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Kiss in Berlin's Clubs

DJ spinning in a Berlin club
Jakob Botter

Berlin has racked up quite a reputation for the best nightclubs in the world. Clubs like Berghain are not just known for their insanely capricious entry policies; their no camera rule and infamous “dark room” leave plenty of room for a kiss - or so much more.

Keep in mind that clubs in Berlin are dead before midnight, dressing up should be kept to a minimum and speaking German and knowing the DJ are helpful in gaining entry. Also be ready to party all night long as most clubs don't stop until the party is over, usually well past sunrise.

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Kiss in a Bed Bike

Berlin Horizontal Bike.jpg
Erin Porter

The Horizontal Bike Tour is the perfect way to explore the city, cozied up to a loved one in a sleeping bag for two. A guide offers tidbits about the city as you lay back and enjoy the ride.

Note that any sneaky kisses might be caught in a stranger's snap. Just as these bikes caught my eye, prepare to have your picture taken as you join the spectacle of riding around town in a bed.

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Kiss on a Berlin Bridge

Berlin Rat Bridge.JPG
Erin Porter

Pretend you are in a scene from your favorite movie as you stand on one of Berlin's 2,000 bridges that showcase the various styles of the capital. Take your pick from elegant Schlossbrücke with its statues of the hero and view of the Berliner Dom to iconic Oberbaumbrücke where people crossed from West to East Berlin and Lola ran to Gertraudenbrücke which is also known as the Rat Bridge. Rub the shiny rat's head to bring good luck before you share a kiss.

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Kiss at the Kino

Berlin Kino International.jpg
Erin Porter

Rather than just picturing yourself in a scene from a movie, put yourself in front of a great one at one of Berlin's Kinos (movie theatres). Choose from megaplexs that play movies in English to historic cinemas to art-house theatres.

Places like Kino International have been providing old-school class since before the building of the Berlin Wall. Or try one of the miniscule neighborhood cinemas like Lichtblick Kino which shows the most famous doomed love stories, Casablanca, every Saturday at midnight. Tilt back your head and kiss like it is 1942 as Bogart and Bergman electrify the screen.

And don't forget about the international cinema event that happens in February, Berlinale. Perfect for a date night, watch movie stars in their natural habitat, the red carpet.

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Kiss above Berlin

View of Tiergarten, Berlin
steffenz/Creative Commons

There is something about a place with a view that makes you want to wrap your arms around your beloved and plant a fatty kiss. Whether you mount the glittering disco ball of the Fernsehturm or the golden lady Else's Victory Column, Berlin from above is a view worth kissing over.

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