The 10 Most Popular Villages in Europe, According to Social Media

These are the places to go for postcard-worthy views

View of White-washed stone buildings built into a cliffside. the cliff meets the water with a stretch of trees and greenery between the sea and the buildings
Daniela Duncan / Getty Images

If you like to pick vacation destinations based on how Insta-worthy the landscape is, then you're in luck. Uswitch, a service that helps users compare products and services, set out to find the most loved villages in Europe (and other regions) based on data from Instagram and Pinterest.

The result is a list of breathtakingly gorgeous villages (meaning the population is between 500 to 2,500 people) across the continent. From the iconic white buildings of Oia, Greece to the volcanic hot springs of Furnas, Portugal, and beyond, these are the 10 most popular villages in Europe.

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Oia, Greece

Sunset on a village in santorini with warm lights set again the white buildings, appearing blue in the low light
Mike Ledwith / Getty Images

The most popular destination with more than 1.6 million appearances on Instagram and Pinterest was Oia, Greece—a village of around 1,500 people perched on the northwest tip of Santorini. Oia is quintessential Santorini, and even if you don't recognize the name, you likely recognize the iconic image of white-washed buildings nestled into volcanic cliffs.

The village is best known for the stellar sunsets, so much so that it can be overwhelmingly crowded as people crowd the streets to catch the sun's last moments. Oia is also known for its high-end shopping.

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Göreme, Turkey

Hot air balloons over stone buildings in Cappadocia, Turkey at sunrise
Asia-Pacific Images Studio / Getty Images

Recognizable by the colorful hot air balloons suspended over stone rock formations, Göreme received more than 1.1 million shares on Instagram and Pinterest. With around 2,000 permanent residents, the village is a gateway to a stunning national park with the same name. Goreme National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site with otherworldly rock formations and underground cities. Book a hot air balloon ride to get the best view of the village and the rest of Cappadocia.

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Hallstatt, Austria

Scenic panoramic of Hallstatt mountain village on a rippling lake in the Austrian Alps photographed in golden morning light in fall.
bluejayphoto / Getty Images

Hallstatt (population: 754) received more than 799,000 shares and was the most popular destination on Pinterest, with 4,887 pins. Occupied for over 7,000 years, this village is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. History buffs can learn about Hallstatt's long history by visiting museums dedicated to the old salt mine, bronze and iron age artifacts, and a bone-house. Nature lovers will enjoy trails that lead into the mountains.

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Vernazza, Italy

High Angle View Of Vernazza Townscape By Sea
Jakob Radlgruber / EyeEm / Getty Images

This colorful fishing village, a part of the famed Cinque Terre, is one of the most beautiful places in the southern Italian Rivera. Social media users agree as Vernazza racked up over 493,000 shares on Instagram and Pinterest. It has been inhabited since the 11th century and is an ideal place to relax on a beach, wander through narrow streets, and enjoy some stellar fish and seafood.

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Tobermory, Scotland

The iconic promenade of Tobermory on the Isle of Mull, Scotland, UK, with its colorful painted shops.
Ashley Cooper / Getty Images

Tobermory is another colorful fishing village—this time on the Scottish Isle of Mull. Known as one of the most beautiful ports in Scotland, Tobermory received 242,210 shares on social media and is a great base to explore the wildlife and outdoor adventure that its home island is known for. If you're not an outdoorsy type, there's plenty to keep you entertained, even if it's just marveling at the painted buildings along the water.

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Furnas, Portugal

 Landscape of the city of Furnas surrounded on all sides by large, green fields and trees. There is a mountain range in the distance
Westend61 / Getty Images

Amassing close to 228,000 shares, Furnas is a village on Sao Miguel Island, part of the stunning Azores. As the name suggests, Furnas is best known for its many volcanic hot springs. However, the main highlight is eating a meal cooked by a volcano! We recommend ordering cozido na Caldeira (a meat and vegetable stew cooked by the heat from a volcano) from Restaurante Tony's.

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Folegandros, Greece

Folegandros island at sunset. There are white buildings clustered at the base of a rocky mountain. There is a white church built on the side of the mountain
Vasilis Tsikkinis photos / Getty Images

For a less-crowded trip to the Greek Isles, consider Folegandros. This village, on a Cyclades island of the same name, received over 154,000 shares on social media, so it's definitely not unknown. Still, it is a lesser-known destination compared to Santorini, also a part of the Cyclades. Folegandros is perfect for a low-key vacation enjoying the impressive cliffs and quiet beaches.

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Wengen, Switzerland

Crowds of passengers at snow covered train station, Wengen, Switzerland
Gu / Getty Images

Earning around 122,000 shares on Instagram and Pinterest, Wengen delivers tons of Swiss Alpine charm. The village is beautiful year-round but shines during winter. It's the home of the Ski World Cup every January, but non-skiers can enjoy the car-free streets and wooden chalets. During summer, the ski trails are ideal for a high-altitude hike.

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Portree, Scotland

Portree Harbour in summer with various boats in the water
Ulrike Schmitt-Hartmann / Getty Images

The capital of Scotland's gorgeous Isle of Skye, Portree received close to 120,000 shares and is one of the biggest villages on the list with almost 2,500 residents. Portree is an excellent base if you're looking to take a tour of the Isle of Skye. There are coach and boat tours available depending on what sights you want to see.

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Albarracín, Spain

evening view of the reddish medieval buildings of Albarracin
JackF / Getty Images

Albarracín rounds out the top 10 with just under 108,000 shares. The Spanish village has a long history and used to be controlled by Berbers until the 1300s. Surrounded by walls and rock formations, Albarracín impresses with its well-preserved medieval architecture and narrow streets. As walls and rock formations surround it, this is an excellent destination for rock climbers.