Ten Most Memorable Moments In Lollapalooza History

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2016 is a year of significant celebrations for the Lollapalooza festival, which will be celebrating its twenty fifth anniversary, having seen a huge number of amazing acts grace the stage over the years. There have been some truly memorable performances, and also some completely bizarre moments that have left their mark on music history. The festival's founder, and the lead singer of Jane's Addiction Perry Farrell will be returning to the stage with the band this year, so now is a great time to reflect on ten of the most memorable moments down the years in Lollapalooza.


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    Daft Punk, 2007

    Having had hits in the 1990s, Daft Punk were almost a throwback act, but within minutes of seeing the French electro legends start to play, the fans knew they were in for something special. The first huge festival dance act to draw everyone in, the dramatic pyramids on the stage made this a spectacle as well as a memorable performance.


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    Smashing Pumpkins, 1994

    The 1994 event was overshadowed by the non-appearance of Nirvana following the death of Kurt Cobain, but Billy Corgan's performances were the show stealer for many who attended the festival. The Pumpkins were in their pomp, and the appearance of Courtney Love to accompany the band and to speak of the loss of Cobain has meant these sets have really stayed in the memory.


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    Pavement, 1995

    Alternative rock favorites Pavement were never the hardest rocking of bands, but during a hot performance in the West Virginia leg of the festival, the crowd were hosed down with cold water. Soil and water made mud, and soon the band were pelted with that mud, and lead singer Stephen Malkmus was hit several times and reportedly hit by a stone, before the band actually abandoned the set, with Stephen delivering a double middle finger salute, and mooning the crowd before beating his retreat.


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    Soundgarden, 2010

    Playing on the Sunday night to close the festival, the reunited Soundgarden were highly anticipated, having practically left the scene over a decade earlier. The pared back visuals without fireworks or even color on the big screen brought the music to the fore, in what was a procession of the band's biggest hits, with leader Chris Cornell at his superb best.


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    Cypress Hill, 1995

    Back in the 1990s the festival scene was almost exclusively for rock and indie bands, but this performance by Cypress Hill at the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington set the scene for the success to come. With dark and paranoid lyrics and an open enthusiasm for seeing the legalization of marijuana, this set saw the mosh pit absolutely explode with excited fans, with the live percussion giving the beat an amazing edge that really was ahead of its time.


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    Jane's Addiction, 1991

    The first ever Lollapalooza festival was one that was designed to be a farewell tour for the band, and it is clear Perry Farrell never thought his band would be back on stage to celebrate 25 years since that original performance. The performance was a massive success, following on from acts such as Nine Inch Nails and Ice-T earlier in the day, bringing a great intensity and a mosh pit that may never have been seen matched in the festival.


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    Pearl Jam, 2007

    Having first graced the stage in the 1992 event, Pearl Jam's performance in 2007 was that of a band which knows how big they are, and they played all of the favorites that are found in the extensive back catalog, including 'Corduroy' and 'Rearviewmirror'. A truly memorable performance by the band that were rock legends by this point, with highlights including a cover of Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick In The Wall', before they finished the festival with a great rendition of 'Rockin' In The Free World' by Neil Young.


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    Deamau5, 2011

    By the early 2010s, the festival had developed into a truly eclectic event, and Deadmau5 closed the festival, with hundreds of giant mouse ears in the crowd there to celebrate their favorite act. Even a huge downpour couldn't dampen the spirits of the crowd, who all pulsed to the music, bringing the whole crowd together.


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    Paul McCartney, 2015

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    The ex-Beatle is firmly in the mainstream, but with such a wealth of great music in his repertoire, there was never any doubt that this set would be good. However, McCartney was on top form, with favorites 'Back In The USSR' and 'Hey Jude' getting the whole crowd singing, while his cover of Hendrix's 'Foxy Lady' was wonderful, in a nostalgic and accomplished set.


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    Flaming Lips, 1994

    Playing to a relatively small audience on the second stage, there were plenty of signs in this performance that the Lips would go on to be a huge band, opening the show with a blizzard of bubbles fanned into the crowd. The festival appearance and excellent performance cemented the band's star credentials, and the impromptu mosh pits and bouncing crowd loved the songs that would become hits for the band.