The 10 Most Memorable Moments in Coachella History

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is one of the biggest annual musical events in the world, and regularly has an audience over the weekend of close to two hundred thousand people who flock to the festival near the town of Indio. This means there is certainly no shortage of people who have enjoyed the great acts that perform here, but there are some moments down the years that simply stand out in the memory as being extra special. Trying to pick out ten can be a challenge with so many great performances, and from controversy to music history, Coachella is certainly never dull.

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    The Hologram Of Tupac

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    The conclusion to the Sunday Coachella performance in 2012 was provided by Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg and a host of other guests who came on to perform some of their greatest rap anthems. However, the moment that stole the show was a huge 3D hologram of Tupac Shakur, providing a performance from beyond the grave that was remarkable in so many ways.



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    The Pixies Reunite In 2014

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    One of the most legendary rock bands of all, The Pixies had been over a decade without performing or writing music together, but the attraction of Coachella drew the band back together for this event. This reunion cemented Coachella's reputation as one of the most influential festivals in the world, and their appearance helped 2014 to become the first sell-out at the festival.



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    The Cure Are Cut Off Mid-Encore

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    The Cure's long performances  are legendary, and the British goth band were well into their set and on their third encore when the stage crew had to make their own intervention. The band were cut off during the song 'Boys Don't Cry', at which point the crowd surged forward to enjoy a sing along as the band led the singing.



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    The Flaming Lips Roll Over The Crowd

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    The Flaming Lips stole the show in 2004, when they were among the headliners on the main stage. Frontman Wayne Coyne climbed into a transparent inflatable ball with the microphone, and rolled over the heads of the stunned crowd as he performed.


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    Pharrell Williams' Star-Studded 2014 Appearance

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    Pharrell has worked with a huge number of different artists over the years, and he called in plenty of favors to make this event truly memorable. Gwen Stefani, Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg were all among the artists who performed with Pharrell in a sensational performance.



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    Drake And Madonna's On-Stage Kiss

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    Drake's performance in 2015 had been the subject of plenty of conjecture about who would be accompanying him on-stage, but it was Madonna who eventually joined him for a couple of songs. Their version of 'Hung Up' was almost immediately forgotten, as Madonna gave Drake a kiss that appeared to be much more passionate than Drake was expecting.



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    Rage Against The Machine's 2007 Return

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    Probably the most popular of all the reunion performances that have graced the stage at Coachella was that of Rage Against The Machine, who drew a crowd of over 100,000 people to Indio. Tom Morello and the band were in exceptional form despite having not performed together in seven years, and the one-off concert proved to be the spur for a full reunion tour.



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    Blur And The Stone Roses Reignite Britpop

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    2013 saw a Friday night that came straight from the UK, with both Blur and the Stone Roses taking to the stage to reignite the Britpop phenomenon that seemed to take over the music scene in the 1990s. Together, the two bands made for a sensational evening, with Blur's performances of 'Parklife' and 'Song 2' both being among the fond memories that will be remembered for years.



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    Jay-Z Becomes The First Headline Rap Act

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    Rap had been growing in popularity and becoming an increasing part of the musical mainstream, but in 2010 Jay-Z became the first artist to show that rappers really could sell a huge amount of tickets. The festival bounced to his beats before the show culminated with a duet with his wife Beyonce, with 'Young Forever' being truly memorable.



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    Daft Punk's Pyramid Performance

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    The 90s electronic music duo had almost faded into the background when they appeared at Coachella in 2006, but this performance saw them spark what was a memorable period for the band. Emerging from an LED pyramid, the highlights of the show saw the band touch on the nostalgia for the 90s while also playing some amazing new music too.



Coachella is all set to rock again Apr 15 - Apr 24, 2016 and if they've proved anything over the years, it's that this is a festival you don't want to miss.