Haunted Vancouver: Most Haunted Places in Vancouver, BC

Ghostly Vancouver, BC

From the "Lady in Red" who haunts the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver to multiple hauntings at Gastown's Old Spaghetti Factory, Vancouver has plenty of legendary ghosts. Use this guide to find out which local landmarks are haunted, plus Vancouver ghost guides, haunted Vancouver tours, and more.

There are also many Vancouver sites that aren't haunted but have played host to movie ghosts and monsters.

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    Fairmont Hotel Vancouver - Downtown Vancouver

    haunted vancouver: Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
    ••• Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Image Courtesy of Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

    Any list of most haunted places in Vancouver has to include the historic Hotel Vancouver (now the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver), first opened in 1939, which is home to the "Lady in Red." The Lady in Red is always spotted on the 14th floor--she's been seen by both guests and staff--and sometimes stops elevators at the 14th floor (even when the button hasn't been pushed). A "good" ghost, the hotel has embraced this apparition by naming a cocktail after her in their lounge!

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    The Old Spaghetti Factory - Gastown

    One of the most haunted place in Vancouver is a super-family-friendly restaurant: The Old Spaghetti Factory in historic Gastown. Inside the restaurant there is an old, 1904 trolley train, and the most famous ghost in residence is said to be that of a uniformed tram conductor, who staff report seeing seated at a table after-hours.

    According to Ghosts of Vancouver (more on that website below), there are three more ghosts at the Old Spaghetti Factory, including a young boy and a "little red man."

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    Hycroft Manor - Shaughnessy

    One of the most historic mansions in Vancouver, Hycroft Manor is, today, the home of the University Women's Club of Vancouver and site of several UWCV fundraisers, including the popular Christmas at Hycroft Christmas Market.

    But it's also one of the most haunted places in Vancouver! From 1911 - 1942, Hycroft was the home of WW1 hero General Alexander Duncan McRae and his wife Blaunche McRae, who hosted elite parties there that included famous guests and royalty. While there have been up to seven different ghosts seen on Hycroft's grounds, the most famous are a man dressed in WW1 garb (presumed to be the General himself) and a well-dressed lady said to be Mrs. McRae. Other ghost-sightings include reports of a "Crying Man" whose sobs can be heard emanating from a downstairs room.

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    Waterfront Station - Downtown Vancouver

    haunted vancouver: waterfront station
    ••• Waterfront Station in Vancouver. Image Courtesy of Tourism Vancouver/ Al Harvey

    The terminal point for the Canada Line, SkyTrain, West Coast Express and Seabus, Waterfront Station is also one of the most haunted places in Vancouver. Built in 1915, security guards and after-hours workers have long reported strange happenings at Waterfront Station, including ghosts, moving furniture, and phantom footsteps.

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