5 of the Most Expensive RV's in the World

A look at some of the most expensive RV's on the planet

RV's are a serious investment, no matter what type of you decide on. Even an average motorhome or travel trailer with modest features can cost you tens, if not, hundreds of thousands of dollars. Like with everything else in life, some people take it to the extreme, and some RV's are brought to the next level with features, customizations, and just sheer size. Since RV's, like homes, are completely customizable from the ground up, it’s no sticker shock when you start planning the motorhome or trailer of your dreams.

Let’s look at five of the most expensive RV's out there to give you an idea of how extravagant these rides can be – and get you dreaming of what life could be on and off the road.

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Newmar King Aire

Newmar King Aire

The Newmar King Aire is one of the largest, most luxurious class A motorhomes on the market. With a steep price tag starting at one-million dollars, you're looking at a fully-loaded and customized RV of your dreams. Four color schemes, top of the line entertainment system wired throughout the unit, and one of the most comfortable bedroom layouts around, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more exciting RV to buy.

Sitting on top of a Spartan K3 chassis, King Aire is propelled by a 605-horsepower Cummins diesel engine. A tablet lets you access the rest of your motorhome from the driver's seat, giving you full control over every nook and cranny inside and out.

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EleMMent Palazzo

EleMMent Palazzo
Marchi Mobile

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the world’s most expensive RV was recently sold in Dubai for a cool $3.1 million. The EleMMent Palazzo is Austria manufacturer Marchi’s extravagant jewel and looks like something straight out of science fiction. An automatic gangway welcomes you on board to the indulgent interior. The interior itself is built out with a modular couch that transforms into a lounge; the master suite welcomes you in with hardwood, marble, and polished metal elements.

Need a place to host more people? No problem as the back of the Palazzo folds out into a sky lounge complete with a fireplace with just the push of a button. Not to mention this motorhome has some brawn, the 40-foot colossus can reach a top speed of 93 miles per hour thanks to its 510-horsepower engine. This toy is meant to be for well to do and “represents exclusivity and extravagance that requires no explanation,” per Marchi.

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Vantare Platinum Plus

Vantare Platinum Plus
Vantare Platinum Plus

Who knew the popular producer of lightweight trailers also made one of the most decadent coach lines on the market?  That’s the case with the Featherlite’s Vantare series, and the Platinum Plus is the most luxurious of them all. The only word to describe the interior of the Platinum Plus is decadent, as it is outfitted with Inca marble, Italian leather, hand-made glass, sapele, suede and more.

You have your choice of kicking back on the king-sized bed or Italian sofa, getting work done in the office, having a cocktail in the kitchen poured from a Neiman Marcus decanter into Michael Weems glasses or even getting some exercise in with the built-in treadmill. Don’t want to drive the rig around your campsite? No problem as you can store a sports car in the belly of the Platinum Plus. The Platinum Plus is yours for the low price of $2.5 million.

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Will Smith's Heat

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Before Simon Cowell debuted the "Producer’s Pad," he borrowed Will Smith’s mobile palace known as "The Heat." Smith takes The Heat with him during shoots as a home away from home, but it doesn’t look like he’s missing much when you see The Heat. Like Cowell’s Producer’s Pad, The Heat is a large 30 ton, 22-wheeled 1200 square foot behemoth. It is estimated that the trailer has $30,000 worth of leather and $150,000 worth of granite in the kitchen and bathrooms.

The second story of the trailer pops up and can accommodate up to 30 people for reviewing work or lounging. It’s hard to miss any good viewing as this trailer has 14 different widescreen televisions packed in as well. Anderson Mobile Estates also manufactured The Heat for a cool $2.5 million.

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Simon Cowell's Producer's Pad

Simon Cowell
Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Leave it to Simon Cowell to borrow Will Smith’s mighty RV and decide he needed bigger and better. The first thing that strikes you is the sheer size of the rig, it comes in at 30 tons and needs 22 tires to drive the 1200 square foot beast around. Cowell has everything he needs in the trailer’s two bedrooms and bathrooms, full kitchen, office, and widescreen TV's. There’s even a makeup counter with a pop-up screen to connect to Cowell’s physician.

If Cowell decides he needs privacy, he can lower the electronic shades with the push of a button on the rig’s control pad. Ever the one to indulge, the wood on the interior of the pad is all Italian, and hand rubbed, at least, twenty times to shine. This monster was manufactured by Anderson Mobile Estates and comes in at over $2 million.

While you may not be able to trick out or customize an RV like Will Smith or Simon Cowell, there’s still plenty of ways to buy a rig that’ll fit your needs and have the added luxuries to make travel more enjoyable. Class A motorhomes, toterhomes, and some of the tiny house/RV hybrids make for a luxurious home on wheels without spending an arm and a leg.

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