The Top 14 Most Authentic Tacos in Los Angeles

If you're looking for the top tacos in Los Angeles, be prepared for a treasure hunt that might require some mid-day to late night excursions. Tacos are street food, so some of the most authentic tacos are found at roadside stands and food trucks which may only be open for a lunchtime or late night shift. Taco prices range from about a buck or two per taco to $3.50 for some giant tacos. They are generally cash-only, don't have websites, and most don't have phone numbers and don't have anywhere to sit (a few do). Some of the vendors only speak Spanish. There are a few spots on the list that are physical restaurants, and some do have websites, social media accounts and Yelp check-in bonuses.

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    Tire Shop Taqueria (South Central LA)

    Tacos from Tire Shop Taqueria
    Tacos from Tire Shop Taqueria. Photo courtesy of

    Tire Shop Tacos - a street stand staffed by more cooks than most restaurants – cranks out thousands of tacos a night with fresh handmade tortillas and meats cooked on open flame grills . You're not likely to come across this stand unless you go looking for it. It's in the parking lot between Buddy Market Carniceria and El Jarocho tire shop in South East LA (south of the 10, East of the 110).
    4069 S Avalon Blvd (at 41st St)
    Los Angeles, CA 90011
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    Ave 26 Taco Stand (Lincoln Heights)

    Ave 26 Taco Stand has almost as many chefs at work as Tire Shop Taqueria, but they're working the flat-top and fryer rather than an open-flame grill. It's assembly-line style – choose your meats (by name or point) and quantity, pay, and collect your tacos and all the toppings at the other end. Grilled onions are a welcomed option in addition to the typical raw. Some days they have potatoes, but you have to ask for them. There's no menu, and they won't ask if you want them.  The stand is set up in an industrial alley about a block from a residential neighborhood in Lincoln Heights, northeast of Chinatown, near where the 5 and 110 freeways cross.
    W Ave 26 and Humbolt St
    Los Angeles, CA 90031
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    El Taco Toro (Del Rey/West LA)

    Chef Esteban at El Taco Toro serves up legit tacos with friendly service from a stand parked in the street at the corner of  Slauson Avenue and Culver Blvd. Customers will tell you, what's special here are the sauces. He also cooks up a mean quesadilla.
    4400 Slauson Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90230
    (310) 503-2062
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    Secret Taco Stand (Downtown LA)

    The Secret Taco Stand sets up in front of the closed La Reyna Restaurant  at the corner of  7th and Matteo at the south end of the Los Angeles Arts District in Downtown LA. They serve a basic menu of favorites like carnitas, al pastor and carne asada as tacos or burritos. Their beans are not cooked in lard, so they're vegan-safe. Some nights there's access to inside seating.
    2000 E 7th St
    Los Angeles, CA 90021
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    Tacos La Estrella (West Adams/USC)

    This taco truck, based in the USC neighborhood, is known for its high quality meat and fish tacos and burritos and the ability to order in advance by phone or online. Vegetarian options available.
    1733 W Adams Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90018
    (323) 533-1229
    Online Ordering:
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    Taqueria Los Anaya (West Adams)

    If you really want your authentic tacos in a cute sit-down restaurant, Taqueria Los Anaya might fit the bill. The taco options are not as exotic as some of the street vendors, although they include chicken (mole or grilled), Pork (carnitas, al pastor, adobada), beef (asada, lengua). They have a special knack with shrimp. There's also a full menu of non-taco options including desserts.
    4651 W Adams Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90016
    (323) 731-4070
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    Mariscos Jaliscos (Boyle Heights)

    Mariscos Jalisco taco truck, which keeps 9 to 5ish hours near Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights is known for their fried shrimp tacos and many other seafood specialties.
    3040 E Olympic Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90023
    (323) 528-6701
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    La Barbacha (Boyle Heights)

    No list of LA tacos would be complete without at least one destination for authentic Hidalgo/Texcoco-style slow-cooked lamb and goat barbacoa, and La Barbacha hits the spot if that's what you're after. They're not roasting it underground in traditional style, but have special ovens to create the same effect. They also serve huitlacoche, a fungus that grows on corn and tastes like corn-flavored mushrooms. It's a storefront, no frills restaurant in Boyle Heights on Cesar Chavez, a block east of Soto Street.
    2510 E Cesar Chavez Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90033
    (323) 264-1451
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    Guisados (Multiple Locations)

    Guisados started in Boyle Heights with the concept of serving Mexican long-braised meats and stewed meats in fresh-made tortillas. They have expanded with multiple locations across Los Angeles (Boyle Heights, downtown, Echo Park, West Hollywood, Burbank) that maintain consistent quality. The menu includes several vegetarian options.
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    Los Cinco Puntos (Boyle Heights)

    Los Cinco Puntos is a long time Boyle Heights market and taqueria that serves super-authentic marinated, braised and fried meats in your choice of taco, burrito or torta. In addition to the standard beef, chicken and pork cuts, you'll find tongue, tripe and pork belly.
    3300 E Cesar E Chavez Ave<
    Los Angeles, CA 90063
    (323) 261-4084
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    Mexicali Taco & Co (Chinatown)

    These authentic Mexicali-style tacos with corn or flour tortillas and your choice of meat or veggie are a little pricier than street tacos. Their al pastor tacos are a favorite, but they only make a limited amount daily, so if you want to try them, don't wait until the end of the day. Other specialties are Queso Fundido, the "Vampiro" quesadilla with meat and garlic sauce, or the Zuperman with three meets and cheese between two flour tortillas.
    702 N Figueroa St
    Los Angeles, CA 90012
    (213) 613-0416  
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    Ricky's Fish Tacos (Los Feliz)

    Ricky's Fish Tacos is a food truck that keeps designated hours five days a week at a location in Los Feliz as well as posting other appearances on their Twitter feed. People go for the Baja-style fried fish and shrimp tacos, which is pretty much all they sell.
    3201 Riverside Dr
    Los Angeles, CA 90027
    (323) 395-6233
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    Villa Morelianas (Downtown LA)

    Villa Morelianas at Grand Central Market is most beloved for their carnitas tacos, which are about three times the amount of meet as an average street taco and come with multiple tortillas. They hand out free samples all day long because they know that once you taste the meat, you won't be able to resist. They'll also make tacos out of every part of the pig from skin to organs, plus goat and a couple beef items including carne asada and lengua. Their pork rinds by the pound are also popular.
    317 S Broadway
    Los Angeles, CA 90013
    (213) 725-0848
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    Tacos Tumbras a Tomas (Downtown LA)

    Tacos Tumbras a Tomas at Grand Central Market almost always has a long line, but it moves pretty fast. Like Villa Morelianas, their tacos are huge. If you want their famous lengua taco, get there early, because they run out. Cabeza is another top seller here. They also serve burritos, tortas, gorditas and quesadillas.
    Grand Central Market, Space A-5
    317 S Broadway
    Los Angeles, CA 90013
    (213) 620-1071
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