June in Moscow: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

The Kremlin in Moscow, Russia
The Kremlin was the only part of Moscow that didn't burn. Max Ryzanov / Getty Images

The capital of Russia, Moscow is as famous for cold as the rest of the country, whether because of historical reasons (Napoleon's army didn't fare well here, if you'll recall) or contemporary news reports. Global warming notwithstanding, Moscow can be cold well into the spring and even the summer, as people who've spent June in Moscow can attest.

Of course, June is a lovely month to visit Moscow, even if you don't luck out with sunny skies and warm temperatures. Whether you come for special or annual events, marvel at annual Russia Day festivities or simply plan your visit to proceed the extremely busy tourism months of July and August, here's what you need to know about visiting Moscow in June.

Must-Know Facts About June in Moscow

As is the case in the rest of the northern hemisphere, June is technically the month where spring ends and summer begins in Moscow. However, while high temperatures in June average around 22 C or 72 F, some days can struggle to get out of the 50s and 60s, while nighttime temperatures can occasionally dip below freezing.

As a result of the weather in Moscow at this time (improving, but not reliably excellent), June in Moscow is a relatively quiet time for events. The only regular exception is Russia Day, which takes place on June 12 every year, although the Moscow International Film Festival has taken place in June at certain points during the past.

June Weather in Moscow

The average temperatures for June in Moscow are as follows:

  • Average temperature: 17 C / 63 F
  • Average high: 22 C / 72 F
  • Average low: 12 C / 54 F

As you can see, June weather in Moscow is relatively pleasant, at least in terms of average temperatures. However, there are some other factors you should keep in mind:

  • You can expect 10 centimeters or 3.93 inches of rain to fall on Moscow in June
  • Moscow in June typically experiences 12 days of rain, though other days can be cloudy
  • You can enjoy around 17 hours of daylight in Moscow in June
  • Moscow's June winds are typical westerly, and blow at just over 8 mph
  • Moscow is not very humid in June, with only a 3% change of a day that is muggy

What to Pack for Moscow in June

Because June (especially) early June in Moscow can be cool, it's best to dress in layers when you travel to Moscow. You can bring t-shirts, polos and other light weight tops, but it's a good idea to have a hoodie or another light jacket with you, and to be wearing long pants or a long skirt to avoid a fashion faux-pas if you have to layer up. Since rain can occur up to 40% of days in June in Moscow, always carry an umbrella in your bag, and wear shoes that are water-resistant.

June Holidays and Events in Moscow

June is not an extremely busy month for events in Moscow, in general, though certain annual or bi-annual events do take place at this time.

  • Russian Gaming Week: Curious about innovations and trends in the gambling industry? This exhibition brings in industry experts and vendors to discuss all things gambling.
  • Moscow International Film Festival began in 1935 and features work from local and international filmmakers.

Although some holidays may take place on different days throughout June, depending on the year, June 12 is always Russia Day, which sees many businesses closed, and lots of parades and pageantry in the city center, including in Red Square.

June Travel Tips for Moscow

In general, neither June's weather nor typical event schedule requires vigilance for would-be travelers, though there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • June marks the beginning of summer, which means that crowds can increase in size, particularly at the end of the month
  • As a result, if you plan to visit Moscow in June, you should book hotels early to avoid high prices
  • Russia Day festivities welcome foreigners, though you should be prepared for wild crowds

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