Zerodollar: Montreal's Freebie Store

A Montreal Store Where Everything Is Free

Montreal free store Zerodollar charges zero dollars for its merchandise.
Photo courtesy of Zerodollar

Zerodollar: The Montreal Freebie Store

Zerodollar is a Montreal store that first opened in the neighborhood of St. Leonard in June 2016. And it features the most unexpected of price ranges, the first of its kind in Canada. 

Rather than charge for merchandise like pretty much every other store across Canada, Zerodollar proposes a free for all. In other words, items on the floor costs the customer nothing. 

Everything at Zerodollar is free. Just take what you like. But as of October 24, 2016, only St. Leonard residents with an Accès Montréal card can enter the store free of charge. Everyone else has to pay $5 to get in. But merchandise is still free.

2017 UPDATE: Zerodollar is closed for business.


What Does Zerodollar "Sell?" How Does Zerodollar Work?

Books, baby car seats, bike helmets, electronic goods, toys, housewares, collectibles, kitchenware, art, you name it, trying to predict what will be on offer from one day to the next is an exercise in futility. Expect anything.

The randomness of Zerodollar's merchandise has something to do with how it's sourced. 

Nonprofits that raise money by selling donated objects don't always manage to sell everything.

Donation items that don't get sold are typically thrown out.

This is where Zerodollar's 4,000 square feet of store space comes in, for the most part unburdening charities of unsold donations by offering what could have been trash another chance in a new home, a prosocial, economical and environmentally-friendly initiative.

According to owner Dumais Deitan, Zerodollar is a for-profit social enterprise and how he collects items and makes money is done by the book

For people new to the city and/or for anyone in a tough financial situation, consider dropping by Zerodollar. You never know what you might find.


Heading to Zerodollar? Beat the Lineups

Since news of the Montreal freebie store spread, so have the lineups. Deitan warns that they can be fierce, with some people lining up to 30 minutes before the store even opens. Deitan says that the store is generally quiet around 3 p.m.


Zerodollar Hours of Operation

Zerodollar is open Tuesday to Friday from noon to 5 p.m. Store hours are subject to change without notice.


Zerodollar Address and Contact Info

Zerodollar is located at 7729 rue Valdombre, St. Leonard H1S 2V6 (see map). Call (438) 390-8484 or consult the Zerodollar website for more information.


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