Montreal Winter Weather

A Montreal Winter Weather Guide

Montreal winter weather gets a bad rep. As it should. It's bloody brutal if you're not prepared. If you can't take the heat, then fine, you know what to do. But if you can't take the cold, you might as well camp out in the kitchen. With Morgan Freeman.

Or... you could get your wits about you, realize winter is SO MUCH FUN and wear the right clothes so you can bask in every moment. It's simple really. If you dress the part, you're going to love winter in Montreal.

And now for some weather-speak.

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    Montreal Winter Weather by Month

    Montreal winter weather information listed by month.
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    Find out what kind of temperatures and snowfall to expect in Montreal broken down by month, complete with advice on what to wear to stay warm and toasty.


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    Wind Chill: A Definition

    Montreal winter weather information on wind chill.
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    According to Environment Canada, the wind chill index is “used to determine the relative discomfort resulting from a specific combination of wind speed and air temperature, expressed by the loss of body heat in watts per square metre (of skin).”

    In other words, there are winter days when it’s windy. And when it’s windy, it feels colder if skin is exposed.

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    Frostbite: Everything You Need to Know

    Montreal winter weather information on frostbite.
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    In early January 2012, I decided to put together a series of frostbite FAQs after waking up to the most alarmist radio show interview I had ever heard on the subject.

    If I had just moved to Montreal and listened to that same show, I would have barricaded myself in my home until Spring arrived.

    The medical professional being interviewed spoke of acute respiratory failure and limb amputation from frostbite with such veiny detail and exactly zero context and reassurance that I physically cringed at the thought of walking five minutes to the closest subway during the cold spell Montreal was experiencing which, as a born and bred Quebecer, is kind of a silly reaction. 

    In other words, the frostbite situation in Montreal is not as bad as you might think.

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    Montreal winter weather guide to enjoying the best of the city.
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    The thing with Montreal winters is, barring the potential ravages of global warming, they're here to stay.

    And with them come copious seasonal perks. The key to an idyllic winter experience is indulging in them. A LOT.