Montreal Winter Activities 2017-2018

A Montreal Winter Activities Guide

Montreal winter activities for the 2017-2018 season, from skating to sliding, are affordable, easy to learn and loads of fun.

Find out what's on offer, where the best spots are for these winter sports in the city and how much it costs to rent equipment, just below.

From out of town and visiting Montreal this winter? These Montreal hotels are tailor-made for the season, allowing easy access to downtown shopping as well as being strategically connected to the underground city, allowing you to bypass outdoor streets if the weather is too cold or stormy. 

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    Montreal winter activities in 2017-2018 include snowshoeing.
    Sébastien Côté / Getty Images

    The practice of snowshoeing is ancient, dating back anywhere from 6,000 to possibly 10,000 years ago, a chief mode of transport facilitating tribal movement through snowed-in woods.

    But yesteryear's seasonal necessity is today's sport, a recreational rite of passage for many Canadian children, an affordable and accessible activity in several Montreal parks come wintertime.

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    Montreal winter activities in 2017-2018 include cross country skiing, aka ski de fond.
    Doug McKinlay / Getty Images

    An affordable, easy-to-learn activity, cross country skiing is a great sport suitable for all ages, and Montreal is crawling with trails, over 200 kilometers worth. Find out where they are.

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    Montreal winter activities in 2017-2018 include ice skating.
    Regine Mahaux / Getty Images

    Out of all the Montreal winter activities listed here, ice skating takes a little more time to master in terms of technique, but once you've got the hang of it, the skill will stay with you for life.

    These outdoor Montreal skating rinks are the prettiest in the city, the perfect backdrops to master the art of ice gliding.

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    Montreal winter activities in 2017-2018 include dog sledding.
    Joanne Levesque / Getty Images

    No longer a mythical activity on some forgotten wish list, dog sledding in Montreal is very much a reality. But there's only one place in the city that offers this "sport," an activity particularly hard to come by in urban areas.

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    Montreal winter activities in 2017-2018 include downhill skiing,
    Photo by Flickr LASZLO ILYES (CC BY 2.0)

    If you grew up in Montreal, or anywhere across Quebec for that matter, chances are you've slipped on a pair of skis and snow plowed down a hill at least once in your life. It's kind of hard not to in a location that would freeze hell over six months of the year. Add to that chill  eighty-some alpine ski hills scattered throughout the province of Quebec and you've got yourself a local rite of passage. And even though Montreal has no downhill ski hills, all it takes is an hour's drive outside the city for some alpine action.

    And visitors from all over, particularly from Europe, the United States and the rest of Canada, join us in the fun every year, though it can be confusing where to start with so many resorts scattered throughout the province.

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    Montreal winter activities in 2017-2018 include sliding.
    Brian Cruickshank / Lonely Planet Images / Getty Images

    Makeshift sledding hills are all over Montreal as soon as a few decent snowfalls make it possible. But there are eight notable locations that are arguably the best sliding spots in the city. And they rent out toboggans and crazy carpets too.

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    Montreal winter activities in 2017-2018 include winter forest treks.
    Photo courtesy of Les Amis de la montagne

    An affordable activity for families, solo nature enthusiasts or even couples looking for a dose of outdoor romance, Montreal forest treks have become somewhat of an annual tradition in the city's network of large parks.

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    Montreal winter activities in 2017 include snow tubing.
    Jean Heguy / Getty Images

    Despite the fact that everyone seems to love rushing down a sharp incline in a snow tube, the island of Montreal has very limited inner tubing rental possibilities.

    So this list of Montreal snow tubing destinations features both local hills and major sliding attractions outside of the city, the latter of which are especially impressive.

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    Montreal winter activities in 2017-2018 include spas.
    Photo courtesy of Strøm Spa Nordique

    Outdoor spas are particularly magical on cold winter days.  

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