Montreal Weekend Events: Things to Do

Plan for a Montreal Weekend You Won't Soon Forget

Montreal this weekend? Catch these Montreal weekend events, activities and attractions.
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Montreal Weekend Events: Plan Your Montreal Weekend the Easy Way

Have some free time coming up and want to make the best of it in Montreal, like say, on a weekend? Maximize your Montreal weekend fun with a little guidance and a bit of planning, just below.

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    11 things to do in downtown Montreal include visiting the Montreal Gay Village.
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    Posted every week's end, I break down the weekend's must-see events, be they big-ticket concerts, free art openings, museum exhibits or the hottest festival in town.

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    Montreal this weekend? Here's what events and attractions are coming up.
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    Don't want to wait for your Montreal weekend guide to be posted? No problem. Sift through my monthly festival, attraction, concert and freebie recommendations before I shout them out. Or check back as I add more amazing things to do throughout each month. Find out what's happening this month in Montreal and plan accordingly.

    Note that outside of large-scale events that announce their annual edition dates months in advance, most calendars are finalized by the first of each month.

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    This weekend in Montreal features a slew of seasonal activities and events.
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    Every season is different. That's why they're called seasons. But Montreal seasons are exercises in drama.

    Montreal Summer Events: Miss These And You'll Miss Out
    Fall in the City: The Best of Montreal in the Fall
    Montreal in the Winter: It's a Wonderland
    Is It Spring Yet: Montreal Spring Must-Sees and Activities

    Montreal summers and winters -winters which I love, by the way, life without skis and skates is no life at all, thank you very much- are day and night. When it's cold, it's colder than Mars. When it's hot, it's so humid the heat can jack up the temperature by 10 degrees Celsius, turning your personal bubble into a bona fide puddle. 

    As for the other two, blink and you'll miss spring's shy if short-lived appearance. And fall? A total show-off.

    My advice to you is to soak up whatever season it is for all its worth. If you've been to Montreal in the fall, you've got to come back for the summer. And if you know where to go and what to do, a Montreal January weekend can be just as sensational as an August summer breeze. 

    What I'm trying to bring home here is that Montreal is a completely different experience depending on the time of year.  You don't really know this city until you've experienced every season.

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    Montreal music venues, concerts, and live shows.
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    Catch a show at one of Montreal's major concert venues. Spend the night in a dive bar taking in a live gig. Or dance in one of Montreal's best house clubs.

    Just name your pleasure. It's on the list.

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    Montreal weekend events and weather guide.
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    First time heading to Montreal? Just moved to the city? Been here all your life but just want a quick peak at the days ahead?

    Get the scoop on this month's average temperatures, precipitation expectations, and wardrobe recommendations. Or go straight to the weather forecast. Plan ahead and it won't matter what it's like out there.

    After all, there's no such thing as bad weather if you dress the part ;-)

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    Montreal's best brunch: Café Régine.
    Courtesy of Café Régine

    It's been a long week. Live a little. Sleep in -or if you can't because the kids have commandeered your life- then give yourself a cooking-and-cleaning-the-kitchen break. Head out for a lazy, luxurious and yet affordable brunch.

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    Montreal Weekend Events: Get a Room

    Montreal weekend events: book a room in Montreal's best hotels.
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    From out of town and looking for a great hotel in Montreal?

    If you want to feel like you woke up in Europe, then book a room at one of these top 12 Old Montreal hotels

    In town for a business (or pleasure) conference at Montreal's Palais des congrès? Try these fantastic Montreal convention centre hotels. Not only are they seconds to at most 5 minutes from the Palais, but they're also close to downtown, Chinatown, and Old Montreal.

    Heading to Montreal in the winter and want to avoid getting stranded in the cold? No worries. Try these Montreal winter hotels. They're all centrally located and conveniently hooked up to the underground city. Play your cards right and you could avoid even stepping outside.

    For the stylish among you, try Montreal's best boutique hotels. Some offer luxury on a tight budget and others are five stars.

    Jazz Fest aficionados and anyone else heading to Montreal during its frenzied summer festival season will love these Quartier des Spectacles hotels. They've been handpicked for their high grades with guests and their choice locations in and around the city's entertainment district.

    And finally, for the ultimate pampering experience, nothing beats Montreal's most luxurious hotels, five-star gems that cater to guests' (and sometimes their pets') every whim.

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    Montreal weekend events? Spend the day at Montreal's best spas.
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    Get some R&R at Montreal's best spas. Spend the day in a Nordic spa, saunas, book a massage, get a mani-pedi, and more at these top 12 destinations.

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    Montreal weekend events include pub hopping and pint drinking.
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    So the idea of tea time makes your eyes glaze over. Let me guess. You don't want a weekend tea cup. You want a weekend PINT. And you want PUB GRUB, like sticky Guinness chicken wings and loads of fries with curry mayo.

    See Also: Montreal's Best Jazz Clubs
    And: Choice Montreal Sports Bars
    Also: Montreal's Best Japanese Pubs

    I hear you, valued reader, loud and clear. I've got a few Irish pubs spots like that I can't live without myself.

    And if you're a beer connoisseur, definitely check out these Montreal brewpubs. They make the best craft beer in the city.

    As for the city's hottest cocktail bars, pubs, and nightlife-oriented bistros, try these destinations listed by neighborhood.

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    Montreal weekend romance.
    Courtesy of Europea

    Got a hot date? Blow them away with your impeccable taste. Wine and dine them at these must-try locales. Some are iconic, others are institutions in the making.

    You're welcome ;-)

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    Montreal Weekend Adventures

    Top 10 things to do in Old Montreal include these must-see gems.
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    Wanna explore? Spend the day indulging in Old Montreal's top cultural, outdoor, and foodie attractions.

    And for some cheap eats and the best bubble tea in the city, head to Chinatown. It's a short walk from the historic centre.

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    Montreal weekend events, restaurants and weather guide.
    Courtesy of Leméac

    Who doesn't want to eat amazing upscale fare for cheap? Enjoy your weekend in style with my money-saving strategy and you too will eat at some of Montreal's best high-end restaurants for a steal. 

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    Montreal weekend tea.
    Courtesy of Gryphon d'Or

    High tea screams lazy weekend afternoon. So where does one go for the best tea time experience in Montreal? As a wannabe tea sommelier -yes, they exist- obsessed with the mists of Darjeeling and the difference between Chinese and Japanese green tea leaves, I've got this one nailed.

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    Montreal events this weekend include movies.
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    Cocooning at home and binge-watching your new best friend Netflix is all the rage these days.

    See Also: Like Watching Movies? How About Being IN the Movies?

    But there's something to be said about prying yourself off the couch and heading out to the theatre to soak up the big screen, especially given how much more comfortable movie theatre seats are these days. Airlines? Take note.

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    This weekend in Montreal? Go shopping!
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    On vacation in Montreal and want to buy something cool? Head to these Montreal shopping centres. Better yet, go underground. The bulk of Montreal's downtown shopping malls are connected to the Underground City.

    See Also: Montreal's Amazing Public Markets

    Off work this weekend, have already crawled all the malls since you, well, live in Montreal, and just want to find stuff on sale? Live the chic-on-a-budget lifestyle. Heed my Montreal sales guide for scoops on the hottest sales in town and the best strategies for scoring luxury goods at prices that make you go hmmm...

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    Free things to do in Montreal this May 2016 include Family Sundays at Jardins Gamelin.
    Courtesy of Jardins Gamelin / Leduc Photographie

    Read to take the fam out for a day trip but drawing a blank?