Montreal Weather Forecasts: Compare Sources

Compare Montreal Weather Forecasts

Compare Montreal weather forecasts.
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Montreal Weather Forecasts: Compare Sources

Have you ever found a weather network source you trust all the time? Or half the time? If you need something marginally better than an educated guess—from a team of meteorologists who don't seem to go out of their way to share short-term and long-term accuracy rates with the public—then try comparing short-term predictions to see if they match. If they contradict each other, at least you'll know to bring an umbrella. 

1. Montreal Weather Forecasts on Environment Canada
A government agency associated with the World Meteorological Organization, Environment Canada's weather office updates current conditions and forecasts frequently, providing a user-friendly visual setup with easy to find information on weather forecasts for the next seven days, anticipated and actual UV levels, driver visibility, humidex and windchill indexes, air quality and smog alerts as well as sunrise and sunset. Most of this information is easily accessed on one web page.

Aviation weather and marine info also readily available.

2. Montreal Weather on Canada's Weather Network
Offering roughly the same service and breadth of Montreal weather information as Environment Canada, the Weather Network also provides video forecasts, a bug report, as well as detailed lawn and garden information to help users decide when to plant, and more. And for weather information in French, visit the Weather Network's MétéoMédia.

3. Farmer's Almanac
Boasting an 80% accuracy rate, the Farmer's Almanac, North America's oldest continuously published periodical, has been around since 1792 and relies on sunspots, planetary positions and the moon's impact on the Earth to determine future skies. Offering seven-day forecasts as well as updates on current conditions, the Farmer's Alamanac's pseudo-scientific meteorological notoriety centers on their long-range seasonal predictions. For fun, your humble guide played along during summer 2009, comparing the Almanac's claims to reality: the prediction of overall below average temperatures was fairly accurate.

But the Almanac's prediction that the last two weeks of July would be the hottest and clearest of the summer fell flat. Mid-August was the seasonal high point of summer 2009 in Montreal.

4. Montreal Weather Forecasts: The Kingston Switch
And old friend of mine who moved to Montreal from Toronto in the 1960s swears by the following trick to get what he considers a more accurate Montreal weather outlook: check out today's forecast in Kingston, Ontario to find out tomorrow's forecast in Montreal. Disclaimer: can't say I've tested that one but if you have, email me your observations!