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Sports Bars Off the Beaten Path

Everyone in Montreal knows about Cage aux Sports. But what about our city's other fine sporting establishments? From eccentric to casual, check out these top Montreal sports bar picks.

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    Chez Serge

    montreal sports bar chez serge
    Photo © Evelyn Reid

    Chez Serge is the Montreal sports bar for local scenesters and nightlife butterflies who really love sports, especially hockey. With the equivalent of a disco ball flashing the Habs colors across the bar, Chez Serge attracts a younger under 35 crowd. The red leather-lined decor and atmosphere are unbeatable for anyone looking for a new take on the sports bar experience. Equipped with one giant 110-inch TV screen, four "smaller" 58-inch plasma screens and additional screens in the booths. Beware the mechanical bull.

    Location: 5301 St. Laurent, corner of Maguire; (514) 270-3262
    Get there: Laurier Metro

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    Station des Sports

    station des sports montreal bar
    Photo © Evelyn Reid

    You want to watch the game on 20 screens but want a deal on your beer and burgers? Head to one of Station des Sports' Montreal locations. 


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    Montreal sports bars include Le Boudoir.
    Photo © Jean-Francois Parent

    Big screens, a cool, down-to-earth crowd, bring-your-own-food-as-long-as-you-buy-drinks policy, lovely microbrews, an amazing selection of scotches, affordable prices across the board... now THIS is my kind of sports bar. Not that Le Boudoir is an actual sports bar.

    Location: 850 Mont-Royal Est, corner of St. Hubert; (514) 526-2819
    Get there: Mont-Royal Metro

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    Montreal sports bars, the best.
    Photo courtesy of Ping Pong Club

    While we're on the topic of sports bars that aren't sports bars...

    Location: 5788 St. Laurent, corner of Bernard; (514) 272-7464
    Get there: Rosemont Metro

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    Montreal's best sports bars include Bar Monsieur Ricard.
    Photo courtesy of Bar Monsieur Ricard

    A top spot for soccer (football) fans and French expats in particular, but showcasing other sports games as well -rugby, if you're lucky- Avenue du Parc's Bar Monsieur Ricard serves a slew of drinks featuring pastis as well as baguette sandwiches and assorted bar fare. Equipped with three large screens, 80 seats and plenty of standing room, there's also a pétanque court on the back lawn.

    Location: 4543 Parc, above Mont-Royal; (514) 678-1862
    Get there: Mont-Royal Metro

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    Located in the heart of the Rosemont district, Le Rosemont has been around since the '50s but was recently revamped and relaunched, complete with a brand new food menu, a first for the locale. A crowd varying in ages from twenties to fifties, Le Rosemont offers microbrews, imports and an exhaustive whisky selection. Overall, a superb spot to enjoy hockey playoffs. Also equipped with a terrace.

    Location: 2440 Rosemont, corner of Louis Hébert; (514) 279-1069
    Get there: Rosemont Metro