Montreal Restaurant Week 2017: MTL à Table

Montreal restaurant week 2015 MTL à Table features over 150 participating restaurants.
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Montreal Restaurant Week MTL à Table 2017: In the Beginning

After years of living in the shadows of New York Restaurant Week and even Toronto's Winterlicious, Montreal Restaurant Week finally became a full-blown reality in 2012.

I say full-blown because the Antonopoulos Group, a well-known family business that owns a handful of restaurants and boutique hotels in Old Montreal got a head start on the concept in 2008 and ran with it via Le Happening Gourmand, an annual event that shares the same format as MTL à Table though on a much smaller scale.

It didn't take long for another local family-run business to mimic the Antonopoulos Group with Le Chop. So, you could say we've got two, if not three Montreal restaurant weeks. For a city that frequently claims it has more restaurants per capita than any other metropolitan area in North America, that's not exactly surprising.

Montreal Restaurant Week MTL à Table: 2017 Edition

In 2017, MTL à Table runs November 2 to November 16, 2017 and proposes table d'hôte deals concocted by 150 participating restaurants across the city. Note that until the 2016 edition, MTL à Table's English name was Taste MTL. Some of my favorites from past and/or present editions include:

Montreal Restaurant Week MTL à Table: What It Is Exactly

MTL à Table is a chance to discover Montreal restaurants, many of which are upscale, at affordable price points. In 2017, most table d'hôte menus range from $21 to $41. Note that prices do not include taxes, tip and wine (unless a given restaurant operates as a bring-your-own-wine).

Montreal Restaurant Week MTL à Table: How It Works

Reservations are more often than not essential in ensuring a spot at your restaurant of choice. Simply consult the MTL à Table website for a sneak peek of each participating restaurant's contact information and specially conceived menu for Montreal Restaurant Week.

Montreal Restaurant Week MTL à Table: Where It Happens

Participating restaurants in 2017 are for the most part centrally located. The following Montreal neighborhoods are covered:

  • Downtown Montreal
  • Montreal Gay Village
  • Old Montreal
  • Griffintown
  • Plateau Mont-Royal
  • Mile End
  • Outremont
  • Ahuntsic

Montreal Restaurant Week MTL à Table: Minor Caveat

A common observation at this kind of event revolves around portion size. Having myself experienced a smaller-than-expected meal than what was usually served –desserts and appetizers were halved and the main course was small–  and then another which was rife with missing ingredients, this on two different occasions, and having collected enough feedback from readers to confirm that others have reported similar experiences, you may need to factor in the cost of an additional appetizer or side dish to be fully satiated. Just keep that in mind and you'll avoid disappointment as you walk into this culinary experience fully aware that portions may be smaller than expected.

Consult the MTL à Table website for details on participating restaurants and Montreal Restaurant Week menus.

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