Montreal New Year's Eve 2018 Events

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    Best Montreal New Year's Events 2017-2018: Top NYE Parties

    Top 20 Montreal New Year's Eve 2017 NYE events, parties and bashes.
    Raphael Chapot / Getty Images

    Montreal New Year's Eve 2017-2018 Events

    If you love going out, dancing to the latest beats and don't mind crowds, then my list of top Montreal New Year's Eve events is sure to please. Explore this slideshow to find the perfect NYE bash for you. As for those of you who want to take it easy and yet do something, anything but spend the night in a bar or club, I've thought of you too. And do consult this Guide to New Year's Eve in Montreal. It covers the bases of a successful NYE experience in Montreal.

    A Note on Taxicabs Come New Year's Eve: Plan Ahead

    Finding a taxi after clubs close on a regular night is an exercise in patience by itself. Calling for a cab after 3 a.m. on a cold New Year's morning in Montreal? That can be even more exasperating than usual with busy phone lines and long wait times. So come this New Year's Day, save yourself the frostbite and aggravation. Either go with Uber, which might admittedly involve crazy price hikes to entice more drivers to hit the streets to meet demand. Or bookmark or print this list of Montreal taxi companies and bring it with you to your club event on New Year's Eve. Your wait will be that much shorter with all these taxi phone numbers on one page: just call them one by one, ask them how backed up they are and find the quickest ride. And for everyone who came by car, these designated driver services in Montreal are going to come in mighty handy.

    Or Take the Metro

    The Société de transport de Montréal is kept the Metro open all night for NYE 2017. Whether it's a repeat for NYE 2018 remains to be seen.

    If not, unlimited evening passes are available for $5 giving users unlimited access to public transit from 6 p.m. to 5 a.m. Night buses will also run on schedule. And Montreal Casino bus #777 shuttles gamblers from Jean-Drapeau Metro station to the Casino and back all night long as well.

    This list of top Montreal New Year's Eve Events is for information purposes only. It is an editorial piece free of conflicts of interest. Any opinions expressed in this profile are independent, i.e., free of public relations and promotional bias, and serve to direct readers as honestly and as helpfully as possible.

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    Best Montreal New Year's Events 2017-2018: The Lights

    Montreal New Year's Eve 2015-2016 events include fireworks in the Old Port.
    RENAULT Philippe / Getty Images

    Hate clubbing but want to be out and about in the middle of the action? Head to Montreal's Old Port this New Year's Eve. Fireworks, ice skating and live outdoor performances round out the annual event, attracting up to 70,000 revelers primed to ring in the New Year. Definitely one of the more family-friendly NYE affairs with the crowd skewing around ages 18 to 45.

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    Best Montreal New Year's Events 2017-2018: The Kink

    Montreal New Year's Eve 2018 events include Carnavalesque.
    Photo courtesy of Cirque de Boudoir © Edgar Delacroix

    Kinksters unite this December 31, 2017 at Carnavalesque, Cirque de Boudoir's perennially BDSM-friendly costume dress-up NYE event. Theme in 2018? Moulin Rouge. As for age range, I won't even try to predict. There's no age limit for kink. 

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    Best Montreal New Year's Events 2017-2018: The Blues

    Montreal New Year's Eve 2017 events include Bistro à Jojo.
    Lonely Planet / Getty Images

    Because not everyone likes electronic music, am I right? For a night of blues rock in an intimate, baby boomer friendly old-school bar, definitely check out Bistro à Jojo. It's Montreal's flagship blues rock venue. The night on December 31, 2017 starts at 9 p.m. and the booze flows until 3 a.m. Admission TBA. Whether it includes buffet, bubbly, & coat check remains to be seen. Buy tickets

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    Best Montreal New Year's Events 2017-2018: The Snowshoes

    Montreal winter forest treks in 2018 can be done by snowshoe, by foot, and sometimes by cross-country skis.
    Courtesy of Les Amis de la montagne

    I couldn't help but add this one even though it's not on New Year's Eve proper. But it's on December 30, 2017, giving interested parties a chance to celebrate not just one, but two New Year's eves.

    I've gone on these winter forest treks before and I love them. Basically, you pay an all-inclusive flat fee. In the case of Mount Royal's New Year's Eve trek, it's $30. It includes the cost of a snowshoe rental, a trek guide, and sparkling wine. As of 6 p.m., you go on a 90-minute snowshoe trek through the woods of Mount Royal Park as a naturalist with a historian slant shares insight into surrounding fauna and flora in addition to historical tidbits relating to the mountain. 

    Afraid you'll be too cold? Don't. As long as you have proper winter gear—down coat, snow pants or at least layers, gloves, scarf, tuque—you'll warm up as you snowshoe. You might even have to unzip your coat to cool down. I did.

    Two snowshoe excursions are offered on December 30, 2017, one in English and another in French. Space is limited. Book your spot here.

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    Best Montreal New Year's Events 2017-2018: The Vision

    Montreal New Year's Eve parties include Vision at Stereo Afterhours.
    Courtesy of Stereo

    Electroheads? THIS is your Montreal NYE 2018 destination. Vision organizers propose a 29-hour music marathon at Montreal's legendary afterhours destination Stereo as well as its sister bar Stereobar starting at 10 p.m. on December 31, 2017.

    No less than 15 Montreal DJs spin their finest in a keep-your-smartphone-cams-to-yourself ambiance. It's about having a good time and dancing however you want without worrying you might turn into a meme. Admission ranges from $35 to $70. Buy tickets.

    By the way, if you're wondering... this is not a college kid event. But everyone is welcome, of course. And college kids will be there, for sure. What I'm saying is Vision is likely to also attract older, sophisticated clubbing cohorts. Think ages 25 to possibly up to 50. So if you're wondering if you're too old to go out this NYE 2016 because you turned 30 a week ago, STOP IT. You're fine ;-)

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    Best Montreal New Year's Events 2017-2018: The Haha

    Montreal New Year's Eve 2018 NYE events include one at the Comedy Nest.
    Photo courtesy of The Comedy Nest

    Who doesn't need a laugh these days. Enter The Comedy Nest's New Year's Eve bash this December 31, 2017 at 10 p.m. headlined by Joe Machi who you might have seen him on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Comedy Central, and NBC’s Last Comic Standing.

    The night includes other special guests, party favors, comedian countdown, a complimentary glass of bubbly at midnight, a gourmet sandwiches and dessert table after the show and a gift certificate to catch another show at The Comedy Nest anytime in 2018. Admission $49.50 plus taxes. Buy tickets.

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    Best Montreal New Year's Events 2017-2018: The Summit

    Montreal observatory Au Sommet PVM proposes a 360-degree observation deck, an interactive exhibition and the highest restaurant and terraces in Montreal.
    naibank / Getty Images

    Here's a thought if you want a simple but somewhat swank romantic dinner for two or even a family affair. Why not book a table at Montreal's highest restaurant? The view is incredible.

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    Best Montreal New Year's Events 2017-2018: The Mystery

    Murder mystery
    Courtesy of Slixer Entertainment

    Eat, drink, be merry, maybe solve a murder mystery... Slixer Entertainment hosts a whodunnit at L'Atelier d'Argentine December 31, 2017, with seven actors "dispersed among the guests" primed to let "hell break loose" while supping on the best chimichurri steak in the city (unless you'd rather eat pan-searead striped bass or vegetarian polenta; they're all on the three-course menu). 

    Tickets are $125. The evening starts at 7 p.m. with cocktails followed by dinner, dancing, and party favors. Buy tickets.

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    Best Montreal New Year's Events 2017-2018: The Voûte

    Montreal New Year's 2018 events include La Voûte's NYE event.
    Photo courtesy of La Voûte

    The closest thing in Montreal right now to NYC's legendary Club Kids, La Voûte is all about image, flair, and drama, an Old Montreal nightclub located in the vault of the former Royal Bank headquartered in Montreal's first skyscraper from the late '20s until the '60s.

    Doors open at 9 p.m. Night ends at 3 a.m. Tickets range from $40 to $60. Bottle service tables from $259 to $345 per person. Buy tickets.

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    Best Montreal New Year's Events 2017-2018: The Tiki

    Snowbird Tiki Bar
    Courtesy of Snowbird Tiki Bar

     Put on your tackiest Hawaiian shirts and forget it's the dead of winter at Little Italy's Snowbird Tiki bar, one of Montreal's hottest nightlife destinations in 2017.

    Either indulge in the Tiki pub's special 4-course menu from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. for $55 or spend $70 and score a glass of "Tiki bubbles" too. Burlesque performances are probably part of the package. Contact organizers for the scoop on December 31, 2017 evening details, from the food to the entertainment. Reservations required.

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    Best Montreal New Year's Events 2017-2018: The Bling

    Montreal New Year's Eve 2016 events include checking out the Montreal Casino.
    Yves Marcoux / Getty Images

    Many a Montrealer ends up at the Montreal Casino in the wee hours of the morning looking for a little glitz to chase a night of gawd-knows-what-happened. Figures. It's the building never sleeps.

    So scenario A come New Year's Eve? Catch the fireworks and skate your heart out, then go nuts at the Casino.

    Scenario B? Attend whatever NYE house party, club night or hotel soirée and then keep the party going here afterhours. Doesn't matter what time you show up. The Casino is OPEN.

    Scenario C: start your ultimate Montreal New Year's Eve at the Casino itself.

    And of course, there's gambling, and with any luck, dancing. .

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    Best Montreal New Year's Events 2017-2018: The Jazz

    Montreal New Year's Eve 2015-2016 events include dinner and jazz at Modavie.
    Photo courtesy of Modavie

    So not everyone wants to go to a club or a bar or a jet set whatever come New Year's Eve.

    Maybe you want to take it easy, but still live it up a little in an elegant, mature atmosphere featuring live jazz and a killer rack of lamb. Well I've got just the place for you. Modavie. It's in Old Montreal and out of over 4,500 Montreal restaurants listed on TripAdvisor, it ranks in the top 100. The people have spoken and they echo yours truly: the food is lovely, the service is ace and the jazz is smooth. 

    Now I'd be lying if I said the jazz performances are for purists. You won't hear improvisation or new works here but well-executed standards and jazzified hits? For sure. The cherry on top? You can step out of the restaurant before midnight just in time to catch the Old Port's New Year's fireworks. You're barely a five-minute walk away. Reserve a table at Modavie.

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    Best Montreal New Year's Events 2017-2018: The Dome

    Société des arts technologiques
    Courtesy of Société des arts technologiques

    Join over 300 revelers under the Société des arts technologiques' Satosphere dome, a 360-degree spherical projection screen 18 metres (59 feet) wide. As per usual, a techno/house lineup of DJs steer the night's tunes, with local DJs on decks including RYAN Playground and Thomas White. Doors open at 10 p.m. Night ends at 3 a.m. Admission $30 for access to the ground floor only. Admission $100 for unlimited bubbly and access to the dome.

    All the info is in French only, so if you need help buying your tickets online, contact organizers via the Société des arts technologiques' Facebook page.

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    Best Montreal New Year's Events 2017-2018: The Newspeak

    Montreal New Year's Eve 2017 NYE bashes include Newspeak's NYE party with Kartell.
    Photo courtesy of Kartell

    Headlining Newspeak's NYE 2018 party is R&B tinged nu disco Parisian house producer Kartell this December 31, 2017. Doors open at 10 p.m. Night ends at 3 a.m. Admission is $15 to $20, no frills.

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    Best Montreal New Year's Events 2017-2018: The Après-Ski

    Montreal New Year's Eve 2016-2017 events include downhill skiing.
    LASZLO ILYES / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

    If I had extra funds lying around, I would do THIS in a heartbeat. Spend New Year's Eve and/or New Year's day skiing or snowboarding at one of Quebec's leading ski resorts.

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    Best Montreal New Year's Events 2017-2018: The Day After

    Montreal New Year's 2018 events include Bota Bota.
    Photo courtesy of Bota Bota

    Done with the NYE bash scene? I hear ya. Sometimes it feels like you've done one, you've done them all. Rather than sit through an evening you're not really enjoying but feel like you have to because that's what you're "supposed" to do, why don't you rewrite the rules and take your New Year's Eve easy instead, maybe share a bottle of red with a loved one, then wake up bright-eyed for brunch and spend the day on a boat spa. Or maybe you have every intention of doing the scene and require a hangover cure* slightly more enticing than sparrow poop and a glass of brandy. But who am I to judge.

    Incidentally, Montreal's chief boat spa—Montreal's only ​boat spa, tbh​—Bota Bota is open January 1, 2018 from noon to 11 p.m. Try the Nordic spa circuit, score a massage and swim in its heated outdoor pool overlooking Montreal's Old Port. Bliss, my friends.


    *Milk thistle. Milk thistle is your new friend. Once you've tried it, you'll never live without it again and you'll stop wasting time trying "hangover cures" that do squat. Down a couple of milk thistle capsules while you're drinking, then another couple just before bed and then another duo in the morning and I can nearly guarantee... no puke for you! A hangover minimizer in a pill.