Montreal March 2019: Events and Attractions

March in Montreal isn't just about more sun; it's got film fests, new museum exhibits, a bustling music scene, and several family activities to keep spring break well occupied.

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Festivals & Event Highlights

Montréal en Lumière is Montreal's festival of lights, one of the city's higher profile annual events.
Frédérique Ménard-Aubin/Montrél en Lumière

March is a busy month for events with Montréal en Lumière, Mondial des Cidres, and Nuit Blanche setting the pace by the first week.  Celebrating St. Patrick's Day is also a must, as is checking out Butterflies Go Free. And it's lights out at the end of the month,

Don't forget sugar shack season. The time is now. As for other seasonal activities, indulge in an outdoor ice skating session while you can. Outdoor rinks tend to close down within the first half of March.

Other winter sports in Montreal can generally be practiced as long as there's snow throughout March. However, equipment rental offices might close down for the season earlier in the month irrespective of snowfall season, so if interested in a snowshoe or cross-country ski session late in March, you'll need your own equipment. The only exception there is Quebec's downhill ski resorts. They offer ski rentals as long as the lifts are running.

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Free Things to Do This March

Montreal March events, festivals, concerts, museums, free things to do and more.
Nino H. Photography/Getty Images

Come March, Montreal's got a free parade. Free underground art. Free above ground art. A free outdoor symphony. And a whole slew of free activity possibilities just in time for spring break. In all? No less than 25 freebies.

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Spring Break

Montreal March events include these spring break activities.
martinedoucet/Getty Images

March is the month for spring break across North America. If you have kids in tow, consider these Montreal family events and activities suitable for all age groups.

If you're looking for places to go out, consult the Montreal music and nightlife venues for inspiration. Jazz, indie rock, EDM, house, it covers all sorts of scenes. A couple of hot spots, including Montreal's hottest tiki destination, can be found in Montreal's Chinatown.

And, of course, there are tons of thing to do all month, from catching a movie to checking out festivals and assorted events.

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Montreal March Weather

Montreal festivals in March include spring break activities for the whole family.
Thierry Monasse/Getty Images

Is this your first March in Montreal? Well, luckily, the worst of Montreal's reputedly treacherous winter is behind you. However, don't put your winter duds in storage just yet. March may be milder than December and January, but it still only reaches a high of 35 F. You'll want to pack tons of layers, a warm coat, and snow boots to keep you cozy and comfortable when walking around.

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Where to Stay in March

Montreal March events include these weekend activities.
Frédérique Ménard-Aubin/Montréal en Lumière

Given March's propensity for being both cold and oddly spring-like, visitors might want to stay at these Montreal winter hotels, all perfectly situated to get out of the cold at a moment's notice. 

Montreal's convention centre hotels are also great for connecting to the underground city in a flash. For those unfazed by a little extra walking, try Old Montreal's top 12 hotels. They're situated in the most picturesque neighborhood in the city.

And for a sense of style, there are a ton of boutique hotels to choose from.

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